Friday, January 1, 2010

A Fish Tale

Hello everyone and Happy 2010!! Did you set off any fireworks last night? We had some left over from the 4th and thought they were only quiet ground ones that just have colors. Apparently there was one in the bunch that was a noise maker. Scared my husband as he was not expecting it. At least it didn't wake anyone up thank goodness! What a way to start the morning . I got up around 6:00 am and it was 9 degrees here! It has warmed up to 12 degrees. Believe it or not , that measly little 3 degrees has made a difference in the feel of the air.

I have been working on a needlepoint from Bucilla called 'Catch of the Day'. I actually started this about this time last year but I got busy with other projects. I picked it up again this week and put a couple or so hours worth of stitches into it and this is how it's coming along.

I've been working on it without a frame and I know it's a mistake as I can tell that I am going to have to do some serious blocking. It is my first needle point attempt and didn't see how important the frame was . I know now! Hopefully it will 'pull' straight when all of the stitches are in place. I have my doubts. May have to get it professionally framed and see if that helps.

Here's a little closer look.

Alex took a picture of his Grinch pajama bottoms he got for Christmas. I think the idea is to take a picture before you put them on son. That way you get a better shot. (you're so funny!) I think they are a hoot!

Flylady update... today is the day I need to work on the dining area of my house as the entrance is done. The dining area is actually at one end of the kitchen. I should finish that from floor to ceiling over the next couple of days. That table has a pile on it! What is it about flat surfaces collecting clutter?

Thanks for you comments . They're always welcome.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love all the beautiful colors on your blog...I'll back to visit when I have more free time to read. Here's to wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year.

  2. Happy New Year's Day Sharlotte! I am watching Dr. Oz and reading your blog. Dear hubby is making us coffee. Someone vandalized one of our vehicles last night with ketchup. The police officer knocked on our door this morning and informed us. It must have looked like blood while he was driving by so he stopped to check it out. Weird, huh?!!

    I have a rustic "fish" room in my home. I have stitched some fishy tales, too. I like your needlepoint and you only have 50% more to go!!! Yeah! I think 2010 will be the year you finish your "tale". I am with you about having a professional work their magic on stretching and framing it. They can do wonders!!!

    I wonder how many wips I have started in 2009 that I need to finish off in 2010??? For some reason starting a new project is so much funner than finishing one!! I need to change my mind about that one - - lol!!

  3. Happy New Years! We spent a somewhat quiet night with friends, but no fireworks. Unless you count all the kids arguing. LOL!!
    Love the fish needlepoint! And the Grinch PJs. I would like to find those in grown up size for my brother--he's a huge Grinch fan. :)
    Hope you are enjoying your new years day. I plan to settle in soon and stitch the rest of the day!

  4. Love the Needlepoint! Hope you have a wonderful 2010! And who could mind anyone that leaves comments on their blog???? :)

  5. YGG on the needlepoint! I've never tried it so will be eagerly watching your progress.

    Love the Grinch PJS!

    Your blog header pic is gorgeous.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed and healthy 2010.

  6. Happy New Years!
    Your fish needlepoint is coming along nicely.
    My sister is a big fan of flylady too.

  7. I love your needlepoint. It looks great. I have never done one of those. The PJs are cute!!


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