Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back in it's place

Hello all!~ I hope everyone is doing well today. Can you believe that today is the 13th of January? Where has this month gone?! I want to start off this morning with a question. I have gotten responses in my inbox from when I leave comments on some other people's blogs. How is that done? I feel rude for not doing the same thing and I'd like to, just don't know how. If someone could be so kind to let me know, that would be great!
Remember a few posts back when I was balking about having to move a piece a needlework ? Well it is back in it's place. Not because I insisted either. Jack just wanted his stuff out that people had given him , just long enough to enjoy them for a bit , and then HE put them away. He says he wants to make the gargae into a "mancave" one day and he'll put those things out there then. I told him to go for it. That's one thing that I think he's struggled with ever since we've been married ( and maybe even a little before) is having to share space. This isn't a complaint. It's a totally understandable thing and I know a lot of guys go through it. I remeber when we searched for an apartment shortlly before we got married and he had all kinds of guy stuff pulled out that he was going to put up. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he wanted people to see that it was a guy's place when they came over. He had moved in two weeks before the wedding and when he said this I said that it wasn't going to be just a guy's place. I've often thought of that over the years and wondered what to do about it. I think the garage is a nice solution. Anyway... when he took down his "toys" , I seen it as an opportunity to put the needlework back. I did wait a couple of days before I did so. Here it is back in it's "home".

One sock down and three to go! No , Alex doesn't have 4 legs! LOL! But he does want two pairs of socks. Bet he'd like his quilt done too. I'll work on that tonight.

Thank you all for your comments yesterday about Daisy! She really is a sweet dog, and pretty too. I felt that lump in my throat yesterday when my dad was here to get her. I told myself that they just live 5 minutes away and I can see her anytime. I think in the longrun she'll be happier.
'til next time,
Happy stitching,


  1. If you want to be able to respond to comments, all you have to do is switch you settings to moderated comments. To do this. You hit the settings tab, then the comments tab and scroll down to Comments Moderation. You select "Always", then enter your email that you want you comments to be sent to. Then save. All the new comments you receive will automatically go to your email. You can reply to them easily. You have to publish them though in order for them to show up on your blog. Hope this helps.

  2. When you comment on my blog, your comment is also sent to me via email, and your return email is on it. So I can reply back to your comment via email! :)

  3. The one piece of advice I'd give you is to use an email with no personal info attached to it. (gmail or Yahoo). Sneaky Momma Blog Design has lots of great tips. I figured out the email thing thanks to tips from her website.

  4. Like Meadows8 said...using an email without personal information is a good idea...that's why I use Gmail for my blog responses. I'm sorry about Daisy but it sounds like she is really close by and that it will be a good thing for all of you even if it is a little sad to see her go. My husbands mancave is the garage and it works out well for all of us...our decorating styles definitely aren't compatible (lol!) I love the punch needle projects on your header photo. I hope to learn how to do that soon.

    Have a great evening.

  5. I never used to reply back to comments but I noticed a couple of other bloggers did it to me so this year I started.

  6. My husband does the same thing!! He complains that he has none of his stuff out, but then complains when I move my needlework around or take it down. I compromised a little though in that he gets to have a big see through "piggy bank" of beer caps on display in our kitchen. I've been wondering too how to reply to comments, so I am excited to see the answer to your question.

  7. I must admit my DH is pretty good about my stitching being up on walls and around the house and it doesn't seem to bother him. I do know that the garage seems to be a good solution for a mancave for many of my friends husbands!


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