Monday, January 4, 2010

Brrr.. It's cold!!

Greetings~ I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of great things! It is so cold here. This morning it is 6 degrees without the wind chill. It had actually dipped down to 1 degree last night. It is going to be low temps like that the rest of the week. I should pull out Alex's quilt and work on it some more!

I am hanging my head in shame this morning as I don't have any FlyLady update, other than I didn't get it completed. I have two really good excuses though. First, we got snow that we hadn't planned on and needed to get to the store and get stocked up on the things we were out of because that naughty weatherman predicted more snow through out the day. Here's hubby cleaning off the car.

We also had to go to the auto parts store to check on getting the heat fixed in the car .Not a good thing to be without right now! LOL! Then later before I got much of a chance to breathe ,my sister whisked me off for a surprise birthday party! I took a few pictures of it with my phone as since it was a surprise, I didn't have my digital camera with me. I don't know how to transfer those to the computer yet , I'll have to learn soon. We had a lot of fun . My sister had her special china all layed out and pretty candles on the table. She had her best linens on the table and everything. It was a really nice treat. My BIL took a few pictures and when I get them I'll put a couple on. It was just my two sisters that live here and my mom and I. My BIL hid out in their computer room and came out only to take pictures. She served wonderful coffee, and made my favorite cake with chocolate icing ,and served Welch's Sparkling Grape juice. She gave me a rice cooker and my other sister gave me a sweet little snowman lantern. It is so cute. I love snowmen and I like to keep them out past Christmas . Usually 'til about the time I set things out for Valetines' Day. My mother gave me cash, which I'm not quite sure how I'll spend it but I'm thinkin' stash!

Hubby gave me the Dennis The Menace dvd , which is one of my favorites that I didn't yet have.

He also took me to get some supplies to start working on the Alex Anderson's 12 Days of Redwork quilt that I wanted to start on. Here is the two blocks that I have done so far.

I like to use DMC's 498 for redwork but the store was out and I just had to get started on it. You know how that goes. So I chose a shade that was comparable and that I could live with, 304.
We did some movie watching this weekend while I worked on some stitching for exchanges. With it being so cold out, we didn't want to go anywhere other than was necessary. We watched Tim Burton's "9". I wasn't too awfully crazy about it but it was do-able. The other movies were "Steel Magnolias" , a mega favorite of mine, and "Mrs. Doubtfire". I caught a tiny bit of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". I meant to watch it but with the excitement of the day I forgot it was on. I watched my normal Sunday night routine of back to back episodes of Newhart on WGN and that was pretty much our weekend.
Well dear ones, try to stay warm and get lots of stitching done!
'til next time,
happy stitching,


  1. Sorry to be so dumb but did you do the stitching with a special tool punch or a reg. needle?

    When I was looking at supplies I saw a strange tool. I didn't know what it could do.

  2. Love, love, love your header and the punchneedle! Your redwork stitcheries are lovely and perfect for Valentine's too!

  3. Love your redwork! I can't wait to see it finished. Yes, I am working on redwork as well. Love it! It's great for the car, don't you think?
    Dennis the Menace is a great flick! I never get tired of watching Walter Mathau!
    Take Care!

  4. Sounds like an awesome party!

    Flylady would say, "Don't beat yourself up, you're not behind--just start now and jump in where you are!" Babysteps. ;)

    Your quilt is looking mighty fine already. I completely understand about compromising when the exact shade isn't available.

  5. Sharlotte, your redwork squares are gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Happy birthday a bit late- sorry I missed it! I am jealous of your snow.. and your WIP is looking lovely. :)

  7. Sharlotte, your redwork squares are beautiful! You must be so happy with how they're turning out. I'm glad you were spoiled for your birthday--you deserve it!

  8. sorry I missed sending you birthday greetings on time! I am so glad that you had a wonderful celebration with your "home girls"...what a sweet gesture!

    Love the redwork squares...can't wait to see the finished product!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2010...until later...


  9. Your redwork is beautiful! I can't wait to see more.

  10. Brrr..... even the sight of that snow gives me the urge to sit a little closer to our heaters.


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