Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm learning about a dirty word....

Greetings dear blogging buddies~ You read the title right. I"m learning about the dirty word .... moderation. This word and I have not gotten along for some time now. We continually butt heads. Every time I turn around I'm being encouraged to make friends with this word, but I don't wanna!
For some time now my eye doctor has told me to intake caffine in moderation . Ok, I can do that one. So I have cut way but on my coffee. :(
I've been trying to drink soda in moderation, a little easier than I once thought. I've been trying to contribute to charities in moderation ,both in time and money. The time thing was getting way out of hand. Trying to stitch in moderation,( because of the eye strain, sniff, sniff.) Even my feet have been trying to get me to make friends with the word moderation so I quit wearing heels. I have to eat Twinkies is moderation, oh no, not Twinkies! I think I even have red marks still on my hands from that dirty word moderation trying to rip the Kit-Kat out of my hands! But now my husband says that I need to blog in moderation. You mean I can't blog Monday thru Friday! He just said write it then leave it for the next day. Well, checking the blog 10-20 times a day IS a bit much!
Here's the thing. When I find something new to do , I do it all the time, all the time, all the time. At that point, moderatoin has to steer clear of me or else!! I've tried to get better, really I have! I really don't WANT to befriend this word, but , alas, I know I must. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some words we could just scribble out of the dictionary altogether? I can think of lots I'd scribble out, if possible. Where's my Calgon?
Anyone else having this struggle? Ahh... I see a few hands. It's nice to know I'm not alone.I'm in good company!
'til next time,


  1. I sometimes leave myself logged in to check comments if I walk by. I don't wanna limit myself! (see me having a tantrum) But, I suppose I should set limits. Maybe set a time in the morning and later in the day for only a certain allotted time. I don't know...I don't wanna!

  2. Blogging moderation is hard. I've been limiting myself to posting only once or twice a week for the past few months and it's working for me. After the day I post I don't feel the need to check my blog as often as I do on the day I post. I don't like limiting myself either...but I can get out of hand checking on it sometimes...sigh...

  3. LOL! I totally sympathize with you, Sharlotte! I substitute teach and every free moment I have I am on the blogs. Problem is, I can only read the snippets in my blog roll. I cannot access entire blogs because the darn school filter (named Barracuda, hehehe) blocks me from reading them. But I still read what I can! So don't feel alone...I am right next to you with my hand held name is Valerie and I am a blog-aholic!

  4. Another blogging addict here! Either I'm checking to see if anyone's left me a comment, commenting on other people's blogs or looking for new ones.
    *Sigh* I should probably spend a few hours stitching!

  5. I'm raising my hand over here too! I need to moderate computer time as a whole...spend less time reading about something and more time DOING it. My excuse is that I learn via reading blogs and surfing. Sounds like I'm going to say "I can quit at any time" next doesn't it?

    Caffeine was a hard one for me. I had to quit it. The last shot of caffeine I gave up was the first shot of the day. I just couldn't start my day with a headache.

  6. Cough cough cough moderation cough cough cough. Never heard of that concept. I freely admit that I am an addict of all things needlework and computer related. Add them together and it's my nirvana. I don't have friends here--well, one or two, but none that I'd call up to chat with, and certainly none that stitch or understand what it is that I do with the needle & thread, so I rationalize it that way. Now I have an iPhone and realized that I can be walking into the grocery store and checking my e-mail. It's a sickness. I suppose it could be worse, though, right? I've never done drugs, never smoked, don't drink (much)...

    Hang in there!

  7. Maybe i need to wash your mouth out with soap


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