Thursday, December 31, 2009

Do you ever feel like a stalker?

Hello dear blogging buddies! Well I guess the title says what's on my mind this morning. I read several blogs , some of which I haven't even gotten around to adding myself as a follower even though I do read them. I leave tons of comments on blogs and usually no reciprecating, which is ok. Sometimes I do that too. Then I have some blogs that I comment on nearly everyday and a lot of times I'll ask questions that never get answered. Makes me wonder if sometimes people think I'm stalking them! LOL! Do any of you ever feel like that? If you are one of those people that I am constantly commenting on your blog, please don't think I'm some weirdo, I just really appreciate your blog! I was a lurker on a few blogs for quite awhile before I ever had my own blog.Then dear Edgar ( ) came along and gave me the nudge and so I folded and here I am. Anyway...

This morning I played with a cricut. Not the insect, the scrapbooking machine! LOL! I got it last year for Christmas and I hardly ever use it. I'd use it all day long if I had the time and paper though. I made a couple of Christmas cards for our parents this year but other than that I haven't used it much lately. This morning I made a card for a special person and this is it completed except for the inscription. I'm still learning how to match papers but I think I didn't do too bad of a job. The saying on the front is one of my favorites and something we all should live by.

These next two pictures I'm kind of ashamed to show. We had to get a new blind for the living room window. The other one had cracks down the edge and that part of the blind was starting to fall off in pieces. Well as you can tell, we couldn't find the same color as the other two. Or maybe it is the same color and I just don't know it because the older ones need to be cleaned! That's probably it. Anyway I haven't had any curtains up for awhile because I haven't found any that I like . I am really getting tired of looking at a naked window though. Any thoughts as to what to do?

This next picture is of the computer desk in the corner and a glimpse of the entertainment center, if you can call it that. Because of the computer being in the corner, the couch can't be centered on that window. I had a really nice piece of needlework from Hillside Samplings that used to be above the computer. My husband had to put this wrestling figure in the package on the wall. There is also some action figures from a computer game up there too. I got disgusted and took down my needlework. As you can tell, and can probably relate, our taste in decor is total opposite. Then there is that black entertainement center ( I didn't pick it out) that is right smack dab next to the computer desk. If you can't tell what is on that side, there is the panther that my husband did in a ceramics class years ago. There is also shark teeth, and a John Perry shark sculpture , which I am guilty of purchasing for my husband our first Christmas together when we were dating. I can't stand to look at it now. There is also the computer motem and a bunch of other computer related stuff that has a bunch of cords and looks terrible. Maybe it's just the time of year, when we look forward to renewale , that has gotten me in this fit, I don't know.

On to other thoughts somewhat. I have read many blogs lately that have talked about that they are working on organizing and sorting through , and throwing out. I started to use a really good system a couple of years ago that works pretty well if you keep up with it. It's from the flylady ( ) I had left it for awhile back when my vision was really hazy from the iritis and I couldn't see well to do housework. Anyway I have started it again and am on the week of working on the front entrance and dining room zone. Any takers on following along? It would be interesting to see where everyone is on their routine with no judgement.
Well that's enough of my dribble for today.You all take care and have a safe evening celebrating the New Year. Happy New Year!!
'til next time,


  1. Don't feel like a lurker, sometimes if I talk from my own personal experience, I just don't have enough time in the day to do everything I do and read blogs and comment reader has been 1000+ since the beginning of December and I've not followed anyone :) Trying to get the number down today. You have 61 followers that's a lot! So people are reading :)
    I am a good organizer but I don't know how to help people decorate, that is a personal choice, I think and you have to evaluate your whole house and figure out what works for you. I think "zones" are good though and I use it in my home. There are LOTS of great decorating blogs to look through and get ideas from however. I think you are so creative that whatever you put your mind to will be accomplished in perfect vision! AS for curtain, I get a lot of the ones I have from JC Penney's or Country Curtains (online store). GOOD LUCK! I think all windows look better dressed and warm up a room ;o)

  2. I love when I get frequent comments from people who read my blog. I try to drop by everyone's often and comment. Maybe it doesn't mean as much to some. They just blog as a journal not to harvest friendships. May make for a good post topic soon.....

    As I say on my blog...happy comments always welcome ;)

    I think a nice poof valence above the window area would be simple and easy and add a dash of color. Just an idea.

  3. HI Sharlotte! I have naked windows in MOST of my house because I don't know what to do with them... Some have blinds that are falling apart but nothing else!! I have followed a website about organizing called Get Organized Now, for years and years. Seems like FlyLady is the same type of ideas. I will pop over there tonight after dinner and see what you are talking about, and who knows? I may join you. AND-- I also have a Cricut machine, a Personal one (6 X 12 papers) and don't have any idea how to really work it. I see on their site there are local groups... guess we may have to join one next year to get a better feel for using our machines?!

    Have a Safe and Happy New Year celebration!



  4. Happy New Year Sharlotte! I have to say that I read a lot more than I comment...if I read someone's post and 40 people have left comments saying things like "your stitching is beautiful" or similar, I don't feel compelled to repeat this, but I do comment if it is something that hasn't been addressed, or if I have a question, or if people ask for opinions on something. I always answer questions people leave in comments on my own blog.

    As for the windows, I would purchase fabric and make my own curtains if I couldn't find any premade that I liked.

  5. I first heard about Flylady about 8 or 9 years ago, and it's my "ideal". It really is a good thing for me because perfectionism and hoarding run in my family. I've been in a big rush over here to get all sorts of stuff done all-at-once before the New Year. Heh. But, how am I to maintain it? Well, that should be Flylady, I guess. ;)

    As for the blog thing, I sometimes feel that way, too. I'm famous for "blogging in other people's comment sections". It does seem a little strange to always be commenting at someone's place but they never say anything to you, or asking questions and never getting an answer (doesn't happen too much; most people are really kind and go out of their way to reply.) I've wound up suddenly feeling like a stalker at times, too. lol.

    It is hard for me to think of something to say when I don't have any opinion, though. I have to force myself to try to make at least a small comment on each thing I read--so much work goes into blogs that I want to give the blogger at least a little something to check out. But, it seems hard to me to leave the same comment (e.g. "Beautiful Finish, love it!" as 20 other people when I have nothing of substance to say.

    Regarding man-collectibles, Ikea (do you have one in your area?) has some great solutions. You'd be surprised how respectable his stuff will look once it's under glass with some light thrown on it. It may never be your taste, but it becomes more than just a pile of junk stacked against a wall gathering dust--it's A Collection.

    I have that one in white/birch, and a friend does in black. His is the dark colour--full of Japanese quarter-machine toys, mine is needlework, a rare video game, and some other nick-knacks. Both look really nice.

    Here is another good choice. :D

  6. No Berit, I haven't heard of Ikea.I'm sure we must not have one in town or I'd know about it. I'll check them online, thanks for the head's up.You mentioned the Japanese quarter machine toys. We have a musuem here that has quite a few. They are very interesting.I'm presumming you're talking about the iron ones?

  7. I've had the stalker feeling before too, especially if i ask a question and don't get an answer but I don't take it personally. Sometimes I don't leave comments on blogs I follow because I fear the blog author will wonder "who the heck is that?" I love my Cricut. I have about 12 or so cartridges now. It is such a cool machine. Last month I bought a cartridge on for only $19.95 called Christmas Tags. It is so cool. I wish they would offer more cartridges at that price!

  8. I used to feel like a stalker, too. But when I realized how much I like getting comments on my blog, I started making a point to comment on the blogs I read at least now and then. I also like to reciprocate my followers by following them, too.

    Thanks for the tip on the FlyLady. Today seems like the perfect day to join. Maybe I can finally catch up with myself at last!

  9. Yeah, I kinda rounded a whole bunch of miniature Japanese collectibles into that category. I think most of his stuff is PVC, but he does have some metal ones. JIC you didn't know; pardon me if you did, they sell EVERYTHING in vending machines in Japan. They have something like 1 vending machine for every 2.1 people!! You can buy rice (uncooked and in bags), liquor...even, well, sex fetish stuff like underwear that was supposed to have been worn once by a real live girl!! (The package contains a little stat sheet with a pic of the alleged girl, and lists her hobbies and measurments, lol. Well, That's the weirdest one I've seen.)

    The lion's share of his collection is those toys from a series representing the ships you pilot in the genre of video games often called "shot 'em ups" (e.g. Galaga or Space Invaders) A lot of those games were made!!

  10. Hi Sharlotte - Happy New Year. I don't think you are a stalker in any form.
    Love your work.
    My sister is a big fan of flylady.

  11. Hi Sharlotte!

    Amen to feeling like a stalker! I too sometimes feel like I am stalking others blogs...but then I figure they must want some attention...they have a public blog! I also have a problem with no responses to my comments or reciprocal comments. I am relatively new to this blogging thing and love feedback too. I have made it my New Year's resolution to post as often as possible and comment on blogs I find interesting. If I get more followers or comments then great. If not, well at least I have an outlet for my hobby since there are not many in my area that are big stitchers.

    One more thing, thank you for the Fly Lady info! I have gotten behind on my housework by YEARS due to a long-hours, heavy-workload job that I finally quit. However, I have felt overwhelmed for over 6 months and can't seem to get started. Like Fly Lady says, feeling behind before I even get started! But thanks to you, I have been to her site and am on my way to "shine my sink!" Thank you for your wonderful blog. I look forward to following it! Happy Stitching!


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