Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going to Grandpa's

Greetings all~ We have been thinking long and hard on what to do about our Daisy. Yes I know I was mad at her for tearing up my basket and breaking a mug... and more recently for chewing up a heat lamp we had in her doghouse. Alas , this is not the reason for a decision we recently made. She has been bullying our other dog for sometime now . My husband Jack talked to someone he works with who has worked with animals a long time and used to work for a vet. He described her actions against our other dog and she made some suggestions. They haven't worked. He talked to her again and she said that she is just one of those dogs that needs to be an only dog. With a heavy heart we have been pondering what to do, how to find a home for her, would they be good to her. you know . My dad, who, if some of you recall, lost both of his dogs last year within a week of each other, suggested that he take her. That seems to be the best solution. He has been wanting another dog and we will get to see her when we want without having to worry if she is being cared for. Our other dog Brittney will no longer be bullied and hopefully she'll be back to normal before too long. Daisy loves all of the attention and she will get plenty with my dad. He just has a way with animals. If you ever see and elderly man out in the woods with all kinds of animals just flocking to him, that's probably my dad! LOL!

We love you Daisy!!

Yesterday the snow was finally packable and we could build a snowman. Alex and I got on all of our outside gear and went to town on it. Ok... so we're not Michaelangelo! But here is our best we could pull off.
I guess it's not too bad for as quickly as it was thrown together. With my asthma I can't be out in the cold too long before I start having problems. I thought about a snowball fight and then we said 'nah'. Before we went inside, I did launch a good one at Alex when he had turned away. It was funny because he quickly spun around and started packing. I knew I was in trouble! Sure enough, he nailed me good! We had a lot of fun! We finished up by coming inside for some hot cocoa.

For those of you who like to scrapbook or make cards and use a Cricut, here's a little tip you may not know about. I seen this done on a youtube video a while back so it's not my original idea. I'm sorry but I can't direct you to the video as I do not remember the person's name that had it. Anyway... if you have a Cricut , you know that after a few afternoons of using it your mat isn't as tacky as it could or should be. It may even be close to needing to be replaced. Replacing ANYTHING for a Cricut often can get expensive. A good thing to get to make your mat tacky again and extend the life of your mat is a 2-way glue pen from Zig. They have different sizes but you want the big fat one so it doesn't take so long to do. Not just any glue pen will work , you need a 2-way because you want it to be repositionable. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 but Michael's carries them too.

You'll need to pump it for a little bit to get the glue going. Just press it up and down on your mat until the tip is all blue. Start from one corner of the cutting area to the other and keep working until the entire mat is covered with an even coat. It will be a little blue for a bit. It will dry clear. Now you don't want to put anything on it until it is completely dry. If you don't wait until it is dry ( no loner blue for several mintues) anything you put on it will be there permanently! You really need it to dry to make it repositionable.

While you are using the pen on your mat, you'll notice a buildup happening on the tip of the pen. Remove that with a toothpick. Try not to get it on your hands, or you
ll have sticky hands. Not a good thing to have if you're going to the bank! LOL! Once the mat is covered you can take a toothpick and remove the buildup ( which is paper fibers ,lint, hair) on the mat with a toothpick . Don't forget to replace your cover on your mat when it dries. It will be pretty tacky when dry which is the whole point, but if you wait, say half an hour, you'll be safe .

Yesterday I wrote about working on a pair of socks for Alex. Here is that progress so far.

Thank you all so so much for your comments ! Yesterday Sadie asked if I made the table runner in the picture of the LHN box. Yes ,I did that one a few years ago. If I remember correctly , it was from an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. It was titled Cross My Heart and I think the designer was Kim Diehl. At least I think that's correct. I like her patterns.

That's it for me! Hope you all stay warm and can use this time to stitch or be creative!
'til next time,
Happy Stitching,


  1. It's nice you figured out a solution that is a good one for all of you, and your dad gets a new pet!

    Your socks look great, I can't imagine trying to knit socks!

  2. so glad your dad took the dog. Perfect solution.
    Thanks for the tip for the cricut mats!

  3. Great solution! Sounds like Daisy and Brittney will both be very happy.

  4. I know that was a hard decision to make, but at least, like you said, she will be taken care of and loved, and you will still get to see her! Your snowman is so cute! And the socks are coming along great. :)

  5. Glad she'll be loved on by another family member.

  6. So glad that Daisy's story has a happy ending. I too know how difficult it is to give up an animal and find a good home for it. It's heartbreaking. It sounds like your dad is the perfect person for her and Daisy will no doubt benefit from the arrangement too! Oh, and the snowman is fabulous! Great job!

  7. I hope Daisy and your dad will both be very happy with this solution. I bet your dad was lonely without his two dogs.

  8. Sounds like Daisy will be very happy with your dad and it's a great solution as you will still get to see her. Cute snowman! The socks are looking good!

  9. it hasnt been the same without her here


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