Saturday, October 31, 2009

Homemade Gift Idea #3 Embroidered Tea Towel

Hello everybody! Today's homemade gift idea is an embroidered tea towel. It's simple and fairly quick to do once the embroidery work is done. Hope you enjoy the project.

Supply List:
1 flour sack tea towel
embroidery transfer
embroidery floss
rick - rack (2 1/2 yard package)
sewing machine
sewing thread
1.Decide what pattern you would like to use and transfer it to one end of the towel using the instructions for transfer on your pattern. You'll need an iron for this.
2. Embroider your design.

3. Cut 3 lengths of rick-rack 1" longer than the width of the towel.
4. Place one length of the rick-rack above and below your design leaving 1/2" on each side .Pin in place and tuck under the 1/2" and pin to the front of the towel. Take the remaining length and place at the other end ,at the same distance from the lower edge of the first side. Tuck in edges in the same manner as the first side. Pin in place.
5. Sew down the rick-rack and iron the entire towel if you wish. You're done!

This idea can be used for a number of occassions as well as Christmas , such as birthdays, Mother's Day, weddings. It's fun and easy to do.

'Til next time,

Happy Stitching!



  1. Cute! Love this little pattern. I use to make these what I was a girl. It's a great way to learn embroidery stitches!

  2. Very cute! What a lovely gift idea. :)

  3. Looks so cute--does this type of "backstitch embroidery" take a long time in comparison to cross stitch?

  4. Love the towel idea. So pretty & practical!


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