Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not much to report

Greetings all! Not a whole lot to report today. I spend most of my time running errands and doing housework yesterday.One of the things I did was go to the post office only to discover that it was closed! Of course it would be , duh! You would think I would have realized that! *blushing* . We watched the season premere of Little People, Big World and then Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Hubby and I stitched on our pieces while watching it. I stitched on an exchange piece so no pic of that but here is his progress on Salem Inn.

I forgot to mention that Sunday night I watched An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I love that movie and haven't seen it in quite a while.
Peg and Kellie - I talked to my sister last night and she said that chart she got was indeed by JBW designs.You girls know your charts!
Today I plan on working on an exchange piece and some on Berry Time. If I have much time that is. It is a school day and is our day to work heavy on math. Still trying to get caught up on things from while we were sick.It's amazing how fast things can fall apart when you're sich isn't it?
That's it for today. Thank you all for all of your nice comments. To my new commentors - I hope you enjoyed your visit .Welcome anytime!
'Til next time,
Happy stitching!
P.S. Between now and Christmas , my posts on Fridays will feature a homemade gift giving idea complete with supply list and instructions. Come join me for the fun!!


  1. Your hubby's piece is so cool. How neat that the two of you stitch together....my hubby isn't that coordiated to stitch, I tried it with him many years ago, sorry to say he was a lost cause. LOL Happy day to you!

  2. Oh I love how Salem is looking! It is so awesome that you and your hubby stitch together. You get more pieces to hang done faster that way :) Can't wait to see your Friday posts.

  3. Your hubby stitches too? How cool! Mine still refers to my xs as "needlepoint" despite having been corrected about a billion times--I guess that's better than the lady at my DS's baseball game who called it my "knitting".

  4. How lucky you are that hubby stitches!! I don't know any other man, besides Edgar, that stitches. My BF supports me in my stitching, though, thank god. Salem is looking great!

  5. That is great progress!! Wonderful that your hubby stitches too! I have a grown son that comes down every once in awhile and stitches with me. Have a wonderful rest of the week!:)


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