Friday, October 30, 2009

Bass Pro Outdoor World

Greetings all! Yes, I know I know , today is Friday. So where's the homemade gift post you ask? Well hubby took the camera to work today so I don't have it to make my post. I will make an extra post tomorrow with the gift idea , I promise! Well it is just about time for deer season here ( bow season has already been in session) and all the hunters are gearing up including my guys.Yesterday we went to Bass Pro to get a deer blind. We live in the city where the headquarters is. Mr. Johnny Morris got his start selling bait in the back of his dad's liquor store, now he's known worldwide. Here's some shots from our visit.

They're gearing up for Christmas here as well as deer season.

checkers anyone??

We thought that this welcome mat was hilarious and want one for ourselves!

One of the fish tanks. I think hubby said that these are Gar. Alex and I went a few years ago on a homeschool field trip here behind the scenes and was actually up above this tank where no one could see us. The host showed us how they feed these guys. They are much bigger than the look in the pic , probably about 4 feet long.

This is how the ceiling is in the main hall. You feel like you are under the lake. It 's really cool.

One of our favorite taxidermies in the store is this bear. You can hardly go to Bass Pro without finding this one.

Over on the hunting side.

We can barely go to Bass Pro without the guys going to the Shooting Arcade and here they are.

Well that's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the gift post.

Thanks everybody for all of your wonderful comments!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time . There is so much to see in this store. Lovely stitching on your blog .Very inspiring. Have a fun Halloween weekend

  2. We love Bass Pro Shops esp. if there is a needleshop nearby, lol

  3. Great pics!! DH is sad.. the nearest Bass Pro to us is in VA I believe! Shocking actually!


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