Monday, October 26, 2009

Some exchanges and a finish

Greetings all! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! As stated last week. I have the winner for the LHN's Hometown Gameboard. The winner is Loraine! I'll get it off to you soon! We have had a pretty crazy weekend that went way to quick. There were some bright sides though. I have decided to make Mondays a little cherrier for my readers by sending them to some terrific blogs that I think they will enjoy . Some will be blogs I know you already know about and some may be new to you. This is in no particular order. The first one is Sadie's blog. You can catch her at . She hails from Scotland and has lovely finishes on her blog. I know you'll enjoy your visit. I wanted a share a pic of a personal exchange I have done for Jolene. It's the little strawberry emery from BBD's Loose Feathers #37 'It's Berry Time'. I really enjoyed stitching it and have to make one for myself. I also included four little strawberry pins that I made for her. I thought they would compliment the emery nicely. She tells me that she is going to use it for a fob on a pair of red and green scissors. Won't that be darling?!

After having a lousey day on Thursday, I came home to some wonderful mail. It was from Tracy D. at for the HOE/ HOE II Halloween Exchange. She sent me some orange silky fabric, a little jack-o-lantern tealight, a jack-o-lantern bucket, some chocolates ,( which I ate right away!) a Debbie Mumm porcelain witch's hat button, a little brass pumpkin charm and....

this wonderful little pillow! It's a Maryse design, which lots of you probably already have in your wonderful Halloween stash. She stitched in using DMC on Sugar Maple evenweave. She added over 100 black beads around the edge which I think was the perfect finish for it. I was just telling someone else that morning that I should stitch that and BAM , it came in the mail. Funny how those things work!

Here is a finish that I got done yesterday afternoon. For those of you that didn't see last week's blog entry about this, it's from Little House Needleworks and is called Starlight Sampler. The co-ordinating fabrics that I choose to finish the pillow with are from Moda. It will eventually make it's home in my bedroom ,but is in the livingroom for now 'til I get the quilt done.

Well, do you remember how I told you last week that Alex got some new hamsters after Lionel died? Two days ago Oreo, the dark grey and white one started getting sick. We lost him yesterday afternoon. He was such a small little guy, and very sweet. Alex didn't cry this time as he wasn't yet very attatched to him, but that made me think of Lionel and then feeling so sorry for Oreo, guess who did?! Here is Oreo. He sure was a cutie.

The pet store gave us the option of moneyback or an exchange. We let Alex make that decision , and so... we now have a new hamster named Munchie. I'm sure we'll have pictures in a couple of days of him and Cheerio.

Well that's it for today .

'Til next time,

Happy Stitching!



  1. These exchanges are WONDERFUL! Makes me really wish I'd been part of a Halloween one myself! As for Oreo, that IS just too sad. It's nice that the pet store was so willing to make it right (well, do what the could short of resurrecting Oreo. :P)

  2. Love your strawberry emery. You made the pins? They are wonderful! Your little pillow is so sweet finished.
    Your Halloween exchange is wonderful. I can't imagine sewing on all those beads!
    Sorry to hear about Oreo. We had hamsters when the boys were young and finally gave up as they didn't live very long. It was just too hard to keep losing and replacing them.

  3. Love the strawberry emery & pins you sent to Jolene. How did you make the pins? Darling!

    The Halloween exchange you received was great! You are one lucky girl!

    Your pillow looks wonderful! I know I said it before, but that fabric is wonderful with it!

    So sorry to hear about poor Oreo. Hope Munchie does better.

  4. Thank you so much for linking to my blog and the lovely things you said, I'm blushing here!
    Great exchanges, both sent and received. I love your LHN pillow finish, it looks fab!
    I'm sorry to hear about Oreo, I hope that Cheerio and Munchie will be okay.

  5. Oh I love that strawberry emery and those pins, that is way beautiful!! Wonderful pillow finish too!

    Sorry about Oreo, he must have been too stressed.

  6. Sorry to hear about Oreo. That's so sad.

    Your exchanges are so pretty.

    (Your first link doesn't work. There is a comma after the name of the blog. That needs to be a period. Then it will work right.) The new blogs you directed me to look great. I'll be checking them out more in depth soon.

    Thanks for the links.

  7. Yippee Skippy, it must be my week! I'm so excited to win your giveaway. The game board will look great in my house. Thanks so much! Can't wait to get it.
    Wow, how I love those pins and strawberry emery. Where did you get the pattern? I need, I need!
    Love your package and your pillow. Great finishing job.
    So sorry about Oreo. I dread having to deal with the death of one of our little animals. It's so sad, and hard!
    Take Care

  8. Your emery, exchange and finished pillow are wonderful! Great idea about the blogs - I love Sadie's, too. :)
    So sorry about your Oreo.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Oreo! I'm glad Alex is handling it pretty well--poor little guy doesn't need to go through another heart break so soon, though I am sure he is still very sad.

    Your strawberry is just too cute! And the pillow--oh my gosh. Beautiful, beautiful work! I love the exchange, too--that is just adorable.


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