Thursday, October 29, 2009

'It's Berry Time' done!!

Greetings all! Well 'It's Berry Time ' is finally done! I loved working on this one and plan on framing it, hopefully in the near future. I am thinking on framing it in a very dark antique looking frame. Maybe cherry wood? I also am going to start on the strawberry emery for myself that came with the pattern. I might even have to make myself those pins!

Here's a couple of close ups. Sorry they're not that great. Not sure why one turned out a different color. Picture taking is not my expertise.

Here's a project I started. It's from the Cross -Eyed Cricket "Be Ye Thankful " pattern that I won from Jolene. I am planning on making it into a basket top , but I have also thought about making it into a top for a shaker box. Not sure yet.

Here's a little closer look.

Alex took this picture yesterday of a tree here in town. There was a big stink raised here about the cutting down of some of the older trees. Many people had to cut down trees that were 50 or more years old. This resident protested and you can see how he chose to express himself. He had someone make this huge meat cleaver. At the bottom of the tree there are logs from the tree that he painted red to look like the tree was bleeding. This wasn't a Halloween prank , the tree has been like this for quite some time. From what I gather, he won his case, but left the tree this way to remind the city of what they were trying to accomplish didn't entirely work. That clever would make Paul Bunyun's day wouldn't it? I'll try to get a better picture of this later on.

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments yesterday. I had a feeling after posting about the name change of the hamster ,that someone might think he died! Sure enough Sadie had commented that she just knew that I was going to say he did. Didn't mean to give you a fright! Sorry ! The pet store said that they would buy back the babies IF Cheerio was pregnant when the sold her to us. Alex is wanting to raise them ,but I don't know. Five or so could turn into 30 or 40 pretty quick. I was starting to think that the names were starting to go along the snackfood line myself, and J Rae's comment cracked me up. Alex said that he was already thinking of naming one of them Twinkie! Kids are funny aren't they?
Terrie asked me how I can keep the iritis from coming back... The thing with Iritis is that it's an offshoot result of another problem that is going on in the body. I have had numerous tests to try to find out the leading cause and so far they have not been able to find out anything. Very depressing , BUT at least I have a break from it for now! This last bout was one of a few with it I've had and doc thinks that I will likely have it again at some point in my life, but he says that you never can tell with it, it may never return. Here's hoping! So Terrie... your shop is in Haiwassee, GA? Do you know the DeMarco sisters? I love their quilts and other designs! I finished one of their quilts this summer and it is on my wall in the living room. That is the quilt in the background of my "about me" picture .
Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments , they make my day!
'Til next time,


  1. Your berry basket piece turned out really nice and I love the colors in the autumn design! happy stitching!! Faye

  2. Be Ye Thankful is such a great pattern! Can't wait to see yours when it is finished. I have the pattern in my stash. But, who knows when I will get to it. LOL

    Have a great (stitchy) day!

  3. Your finish is wonderful. I think you should make yourself some berry pins and another pincushion. So cute!
    I love this new pattern. I have that somewhere in my stash and have always loved it. What a great idea to finish into a basket top!
    Take Care.

  4. This is beautiful, and I think a cherry wood frame would be perfect. Your WIP is looking lovely so far! And I love the man's idea w/ the hatchet in the tree. How sad that they want to cut down a piece of history!

  5. Your finish is beautiful and I think that the cherry wood would look wonderful with it. I think that man's idea with the hatchet is a hoot! But then again, I always love people who have a great sense of humor!

  6. Beautiful finish Sharlotte! It would look great in a dark frame :-)
    Nice new start too.
    I hope you don't end up over-run with hamsters! it's good that the store will take the babies back though. if they don't i think one should be called doughnut :-)

  7. Beautiful finish--will look very handsome with cherry wood!

    As for the new start, I think I see that it's an acorn--I love acorns!!

  8. Love your finish. I just got Berry Time and need to get the thread and fabric to stitch it. Love your new start too.

    Happy stitches..

  9. Oh, your finish is just lovely, Sharlotte! I'll look forward to seeing it framed...

    The hatchet in the tree just made me smile :)

  10. IBT is beautiful - lovely finish! Cute new WIP, too. How can you just cut down a tree because it's older than 50 years? That's when they're the most beautiful and contain so much history! I love this picture. If the tree's dead or is a danger to someone/their property, that's different, but to arbitrarily cut it down because it's older???? Crazy!

  11. ooooh...I just bought linen and thread for It's Berry Time yesterday at Salty Yarns...I'm trying to finish up something else first, but you've inspired me to start stitching the berries right now :)


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