Thursday, October 8, 2009

Only 'Til Midnight

Greetings all! Hope everyone is doing well today. Can you believe a week in October is gone already? It's almost time to get ready for the holidays. Well , in all honesty I've already been lurking at the new decorations.Psst...don't tell hubby ,he'd flip! Just a reminder that you have only until midnight tonight to sign up for the drawing for the Blackbird Designs needlebook.If you haven't already done so ,the instructions are on the post of Oct. 2nd. The pattern that inspired the needlebook is of course the Blackbird Designs' 'Be Kind and True'.This piece reminds me so much of my grandmother .I remember going to her house as a child.You could smell her lilacs ,irises, and roses while walking up the lane before you could even spot her house. Inside there would be milk glass, hobnail (sp?) and depression glass collections all around.There would be quilts that either she and my grandfather had made or ones that had been her mother's . She had a wonderful Rose of Sharon quilt that I'll never forget. I miss them both so much . Anyway , here is my version of the BBD pattern.It takes up residence in our family/game room.

Here is another past project.It is 'Round Robin' from The Trilogy and I finished it into a shaker box.

And the close up.

I keep my antique threads from American Star Company inside. Another find of dear old dad's.
The other day he gave me a couple of snowman tins. I love snowmen. I can hardly wait to see what he finds for me next.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful ,encouraging, and inspiring comments! They're appreciated more than you know! And to all my new followers and readers.. welcome aboard!
'Til next time,
Happy Stitching,


  1. Hi Sharlotte,

    I love your reminisces of your grandparents they were just so lovely. I love your needlebook with a passion. But your boxtop is gorgeous as is your BBD that is going into your family room. Your stitching and finishing is just wonderful and you should be so proud of yourself because if it were me I would be. Lots of Love Patti xxx

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliments Patti! I do love the whole process from stitching to finishing.I feel accomplished when I am done with a project. I have a hard time not trying to do two things at once though.I have learned some great finishing techniques over the last few years.It's nice to know a body isn't limited to just framing a piece or making it into a pillow.:)

  3. I'm afraid my finishing is only ever up to my standard for pillows, pinkeeps and floss keepers - apart from that I am just not good enough and they come out so badly it just isn't true. I always say I will learn other techniques and next year I shall because jackie du plessis of it's fine-ally finished is coming to the U.K. to take some classes and I have signed up for all of them. Love Patti xxx

  4. Beautiful memories and stitching - just lovely!

  5. The round robin shaker box is very cute. What wonderful memories of your grandmothers house, it's funny all the tiny details we remember about loved ones. I remember loving looking at my grandmother's perfume bottle collection as a child.

  6. Hi Sharlotte,
    Be Kind and True is beautiful as is your Round Robin. Excellent finishing! :)
    Love the memories of your grandparents. The part about the quilts brings back favorite memories of one of my grandmothers. I think my love of needlework most likely comes from her. What a fun dad that is always on the lookout for things he knows you will enjoy! That is very sweet. :)
    Hope you have a great rest of the week!!


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