Monday, November 2, 2009

One...two...Freddy's coming for you...

Greetings all! Happy November to you all! Can you believe that another month is gone?! I'll be putting up the Halloween decor this week and getting out some Thanksgiving stuff.I don't have a much of that. Then before you know it we will be decorating for Christmas! This year has really flown by!! Well I announced last week that on Mondays I would be directing you to some great blogs . Today I would like to tell you about Jolene at : . Jolene has such a soft ,tender, and generous spirit and is such a joy to know. If you catch her blog now, you can enter a drawing so make sure you check it out!
Alex thought that this would be his last year trick or treating as he said he would be getting too old to next year. He asked if he could go as a horror movie character and after much thought we decided he could. He went as Freddy Krueger. We thought the streets would be not so busy this year, with people cutting back and there are so many churches in town that have parties and such for the kids . We thought things would be fairly calm on the streets. Wrong!! There is a particular neighborhood that decorates big time for Christmas. Turns out that they are a great neighborhood to hit on Halloween too! Alex came away with full size candy bars and full size bags of M&M's , as well as a ton of other things from those streets. That neighborhood was lined bumper to bumper with cars on both sides of the street as well as a line driving down the middle at about 7-10 mph. Guess where I was at ? In the car driving down the middle! There were hundreds , I KID YOU NOT, hundreds of kids walking on the sidewalks, yards, and inbetween traffic! One house was decorated to the gills and there was a line of kids in an S shape in that yard and stayed like that for a long time. My husband forgot his cell phone in the car by accident and let me tell you , it took me a long time to find him and our son! I had even stopped one of the dads to ask if he had seen a Freddy Krueger and he said no but if he did he'd let him know where I was . The next thing I know this guy was calling out Frreeddyy! I though that was so funny! Ok , the house I just told you about with the long line of kids... my husband said that even with all the tons of candy they had bought, the guy told him that they had run out and started giving things from there pantry, like pudding and stuff like that. Turns out this guy is a retired Army Col. and is the father of one of Jack's co-workers. Funny what you learn walking the streets! LOL!

Here's our 'Freddy'.

Every year one of Jack's friends decorates his yard up and all the kids in his neighborhood can hardly wait 'til Halloween night to come to his house. Here is some pics from his yard. Bear in mind I only took a few , there was just so much stuff.

Here is Alex with the son of one of Jack's co-workers. I never knew that Batman was such a talker! Three year olds are a hoot aren't they?

Dave always takes down their regular decor and puts up all Halloween for this time of year. In the bathroom if you accidently bump up against the shower curtain , it starts playing the movie theme from Psycho. I don't know if you can read the sign on the front door ,but it basically tells everyone that if they want candy they have to walk through the "haunted yard" and the "haunted house" . The path leads them through the yard ,into the backyard, around through the garage , then through the house where his wife sits at the end passing out candy. Several kids said that they would be back next year!

Well that does it for today! Hope you didn't get bored! We had such fun though I had to share!
'til nect time,
happy stitching,


  1. Love the Halloween pics. I think your son would have scared me half to death if he came to my door!

  2. Wow! I love that cat-thingy in the yard! Seems like people in your town got more into it than any I've seen around here in Jersey; but, then, most people have smaller yards.

    I liked hearing about how they made their home into a haunted "trail". :D Sounds like (a lot of work) fun!

    As for decorating, I'll put out a bit of fall, but I didn't get to do much (any) Hallowe'en stitching, so I'm gonna do some now! Yay! Though at some point I'll have to right myself or I'll be stitching reindeer during the egg hunt. :P lol

  3. Sounds like you guys have awesome neighbors and a very fun Halloween!!

  4. Loved Alex's Freddy! Awesomeness!

    And the Halloween decorating in your area is outstanding...I live around a bunch of elderly people, so we can't really decorate like I want to and we get NO trick or treaters at all! I'm ready to move, LOL!


  5. What fun holiday decor! I would say that your son is adorable, but I don't think Freddy is adorable.... so I'll just say good costume and leave it at that!! ;) LOL

  6. You do look awesome, everyone thought you were great that night! As you can see, my blogging buddies thought so too!


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