Monday, October 19, 2009

A package arrived and a Salem finish

Greetings all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for your comments on the cookie bag. I think those of you who choose to make it will really enjoy it. Friday was a rotten day for me. We had so much going on ,lots of confusion too. Hubby and I don't see each other much each day. Just enough to get things confused and not enough time to get it straighten out. Friday was one of those days.Plus I think I was having one of those Princess Must Scream get my drift? .Which didn't help. Alex was outside petting the dogs and came in all muddy. I tried like mad to get the mud out to no avail. Guess I will have to try to soak it in Biz. Wonder if they still make that stuff. Anyway after returning home that afternoon, I was greeted by some wonderful mail. My winnings from Jolene at Dip Diddly Designs arrived! I was so thrilled ! The beautiful pattern, the floss , and that gorgeous towel! She also sent along a pack of Starburst ,which of course with the day I had I quickly gulped down. I was having a grand ole time then.Thanks again Jolene!

Hubby finished Salem Inn last night. Doesn't it look great? He said he'd love to do more cross stitch as long as it was Halloween designs.

Here's my progress on BBD It's Berry Time. I love working on this.I'd probably have it done by now too if it wasn't for that pesky thing called life! You all know what I mean.

Yesterday we were out and about and Alex wanted to stop at Petland and pet the hamsters. We knew he was missing Lionel so we thought it would either make him feel better or worse ,but desided to stop. Well petting led to wanting, and wanting led the salesman into telling us that they were 30% off, this weekend only. That led to wanting again and in the end, two came home with us. We were surprised that Alex would want one or two for that matter, so soon. He played up a storm with them when we got home. One is dark grey and white, which he named Oreo. The other is a pale peachy beige and white , that he named Cheerio. They are really sweet. No idea at this age what sex they are. We may bave bought more than we bargined for yesterday. Guess we'll soon find out!

Well that's it today kids! Thanks for stopping by!

'Til next time,

Happy Stitching!



  1. What wonderful winnings!! Stash mail will brighten any day. Candy too. :) Your hubby's finish looks great, and your WIP is coming along nicely! I love BBD!

  2. Getting goodies in the post brightens any day but it is even sweeter when you are having a carp day! Congratulations to your DH on his finish, it looks great. Love your progress on Berry Time. I could get so much more done also if other 'stuff'didn't get in the way (like kids and husband and housework!) LOL
    I wonder if Oreo and Cheerio will have babios!

  3. Welcome Oreo and Cheerio! Yep --- we had that happen with Gadget and Gizmo --- promised they were boys. Well, ONE was. LOL

  4. Stitching stuff will always make a day better! Love the package that Jolene sent. What a wonderful treat.
    I love your hubby's Halloween design. He did a great job. How did you ever manage to get him to try it?
    Take care. Hope thinks look up this week!

  5. Congrats all around!
    Great stash enhancement (and a little candy is sometimes just what we princesses need - lol!)
    Hubby's stitching is gorgeous - and so is yours!
    And welcome to Oreo and Cheerio - may you always be _just_ friends.

  6. Sharlotte, what wonderful things to win! I can't believe that your hubby did that Salem Inn piece. Way to go! And your stitching looks wonderful too.

  7. Congratulations on your win! Isn't Jolene just the sweetest? Congratulate your husband on his finish! Wow! I would love for my husband to take an interest, but I don't see that happening. Your DH did a really good job. I like that design. Glad your son is so happy with his new hamsters. Cute names!

  8. How fun, Oreo and Cheerio, such cute names. I have to say your husband did an awesome job on Salem. Love the BBD!!! It's looking beautiful Sharlotte. Happy stitching!

  9. Don't we all have those kinds of days!!
    Your husband finished that Salem piece so quick, and it looks great. I'm glad your son has found two new pets to love and play with, hopefully it will stay only two!


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