Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A tisket , a tasket , a little bee basket

Greetings all! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, and for your kind words about little Oreo. They mean a lot! They really do.I'm glad you all liked the strawberry and the pins. Yes I made the pin heads myself out of polymer clay. They are so fun. I hope you all are doing well and staying anyway from that nasty H1N1 flu. My BIL had that and it's a nasty bugger! I need to make a correct on Sadie's link that I gave you yesterday. I had added a comma where I shouldn't have. Hope you found it anyway, if not ,the correct link is : http://stitchingupastorm.blogspot.com/ . You must take some time to visit! I can't take the credit for finding the error. It was pointed out to me from someone else who didn't want others to miss out! Thanks for letting me know! Here is a little basket that I made a few years back and I didn't think I had posted it yet with my other past projects. It's a zippie by Bent Creek titled A.Bee.C . I just love it!

Well, as you can see, I am wrapping up on It's Berry Time. I have liked working on this project ,but I am ready to make myself that strawberry! After that, I really only have one other project to work on and I don't know where to go from there. I am drawing a blank! Well, other than I am working on a basket top using the pattern that I got from Jolene. But other than that, I guess I will have to pull out some old WIP's that I had gotten tired of working on.
I do have some excellent news I wanted to share! I went to my eye doctor's yesterday for a check up.For those that hadn't been following my blog until recently, I have been suffering for the last year and a half, almost two years, from iritis. That's an inflammation of the iris and I've had it in both eyes. He informed me yesterday that the pressure is down to 12 in both eyes ,( from 28 in one eye and 23 in the other) and that I have no inflammation! My vision is even up by two lines on the eye chart! It appears to be gone for now and I'm so excited! Now I go back in a month to check to see if everything is the same. If so, then he will proceed with getting me some glasses. He's been putting it off all this time because my vision kept changing and would be a huge waste of money. I like those kind of docs don't you?
Thanks so much for stopping by.
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Happy Stitching!


  1. Great news about your eyes! I'm so happy that your problem is getting better.
    I love the Bent Creek basket (cleaver way to finish it), and your beautiful sampler. Hope you find something fun to work on. I have too many projects I want to finish! More time please!

  2. love that basket! I've been wanting to make a basket-cover for a while now, but I don't even have the basket yet, lol!! It's berry time is looking good--are you going to frame it when done?

    Regarding eyeglasses, I have a tip: you can buy eyeglasses online! For comparatively REALLY cheap. The site I used was "zennioptical.com", but a pretty popular, long-running blog about getting great online eyeglasses, "glassyeyes.blogspot.com, has info about a lot of different sites and often coupons!

    Give it some thought--I LOVE my "online glasses" I have about 6 pair of them, so I never worry about breaking 'em, and I even have some funky colourful ones!

  3. I love your basket! That's a great way to finish it off. It's always nice to see something that isn't framed but used in a different way. And love your progress on Berry Time. You're making great progress on it.

    And that's great news about your eyes. There is nothing worse than eye problems I don't think! Hope that everything continues getting better!

  4. Awesome news about your eyes! God is good! And love your basket! Your WIP looks great. :)

  5. Such news concerning your eyes, Sharlotte, that is just wonderful! Hope they continue to heal!!

    Progress on Berry Time is so pretty, and the basket is perfect for that piece!1

  6. Good news about your eyes. Love the stitching and basket!

  7. The little basket is adorable!!!

  8. Great news about your eyes! Woohoo! :) I love the basket--great way to finish it off. Your Berry Time is beautiful!

  9. Great news about your eyes Sharlotte! I DO love docs like that... Wish they ALL were that way!

  10. This is the 1st time I've been to your blog. Praise the Lord for your eye news! Now how do you keep from getting it again?

    I love your basket. I think I have that model here in the store somewhere. Now on to read some more of your blog when I really should be working.


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