Friday, September 11, 2009

Yeah it's Friday!!!

Greeings all ! I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments! I appreicate them very much! My only regret about them is that I can't read the one from Miriam.Wish I knew how to use the translater! Any ideas? I wanted to mention that my son's bowling score on Wednesay was 147! So far his highest score had been 128.he was very excited and his hopes of getting a trophy this season is a little higher.Well here we are up on the weekend again.I don't know about you but the week went by really fast for me.I don't have anything planned other than stitching until Monday when I go to the eye doctor.I hope I get good news this time. I have had a condition called iritis (infamation of the iris) for several years now.With this bout it is in both eyes.It's a serious condition as it can cause blindness.It's mega depressing at times.Anyway...on to the pictures. I thought this first one was appropriate for the day that it is.I actually stitched it last year . I had stitched so many of the same design for other people and used the current year.When I stitched it for myself, I decided to go with the year that was stitched on the model.It is by Bent Creek and titled Flag 1998.

Here is my husband's start on Moonlit Cabin.He has worked on it some ,but the count is so small that it is taking him awhile.Plus he's just learning so he doesn't have a lot of speed yet.His embroidery scissors arrived in the mail on Wednesday, yeah!He had spotted them when we went to the shop in Branson on Saturday that I told you about.He debated back and forth about getting them then left them behind.I knew he really wanted them so on Monday I ordered them for him. We also went to the local quilt store yesterday.They have punch needle patterns there so they carry WDW and we bought some.Jack is starting to get a little fiber stash of his own going.It's so fun to see how fun he think this is now that he picked something to stitch himself.I'm surprised he has even tried it and he said that he was too.Now he's planning his next two projects and has even got bold enough to buy dye to dye the fabric for those.I've been stitching for 20+ years and just recently dyed my first fabric.


A little more of a closeup.

This last one is a better shot of the PS piece I took the other day.I was able to turn the picture and get a better shot this time.Plus as you can see I was able to get a little more done on it.Last night I also worked on an exchange piece so no pictures of that.I can hardly wait 'til I can show it though.

Well ,that's it for today.Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!

'Til next time, happy stitching!



  1. C'est bien joli ce style un peu country =
    "this style is quite pretty a little country"
    That was babelfishs translation anyway, and it sounds about right (though I speak no french myself). Anyway love the flag design, bent creeks stuff are always so simple yet cute.Its funny to hear someone elses husband has taken up cross stitch too. Mine still makes me buy his stuff though at the shop so the ladies wont know its for him!

  2. Wow, your dh cross-stitches? Awesome!! I wish mine did.. your stitching is lovely!! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I see someone already translated for you. ;-)

    Cute pictures and congrats to your son on the great bowling score! Way to go!

  4. Sorry to hear of your eye problems. Your DH stitches too? His start looks great! And I adore that Bent Creek design. Yours is perfect!

  5. Hi again! I saw your comment on my owl- here is the link to the pattern- I also posted it on my blog in the post with the finished owl. :)

  6. WOW! Your husband's looks great! More men should stitch, they would really enjoy it as we have for years.
    You posted a comment on my blog the old one I had to give up. I now have a new one and it is
    For some reason I could not use the other one so I created this one. Please go by and see it.
    Your stitching is wonderful. Wish I had a husband, first of all, but it would be heaven to have him be a stitcher. You are so lucky.
    God Bless ~
    Now to go and follow your site.


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