Friday, September 4, 2009

A quick seasonal look

Just wanted to post real quick about having a new seasonal look.Not quick ready for pumpkins , so I picked this layout instead.Feedback on the new look would be welcomed as I would like to know what you all think.



  1. Hi Sharlotte - You asked about the VoHRH - yes there is a conversion to DMC along with the silk. It is a really fun stitch!!

    Have a great one!


  2. Your choice for a fall backgroud is very nice. Your stitching and quliting is beatiful. Will be back to visit. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  3. Hi Sharlotte,
    I'm very glad you found me. I'll add you to my blogroll!
    We have a lot in common, including our age. You have lovely things. Thanks for sharing. How is Homeschooling coming? So far, so good, for us. I'm planning a vacation soon though. LOL.
    Take care.


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