Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Dat Quazy Wabbit!

Greetings dear blogging buddies! I hope this finds you all doing well this morning! Or afternoon,which ever the time is when you stop by. Well ... you are probably wondering about the title. Once in a while when my mom does something silly ,I put on my best Elmer Fud imitation and call her 'dat quazy wabbit'. She just laughs and laughs. Yesterday she was due to have surgery as you know. She has different meds she has to take for different things and she was supposed to go off of specific meds so many days ( I think 7) before having her surgery so her blood wouldn't be too thin. Well, she forgot to go off of one of them in time, so they had to put her surgery off until next Friday.It's just as well I suppose.My sister is moving here from Washington state and just got in on Wednesday . My mom has been getting ready for her and was really exhausted so I think it will be better for her next Friday anyway. Daisygirl... you asked about if they forgot about her during treatment and caused her to get burned. Yep, that's pretty much what happened.They put like this square patch of something ( I think it's some sort of rubber) over the site where they do the radiation and the tech got busy and forgot and left that on a little too long.He apologized of course ,but that doesn't make the pain go away. She couldn't have radiation for awhile until she healed and she was nervous that she would be without it too long. Unfortunately she couldn't have the type of reconstruction she wanted due to that.On the bright side though that was the only set back she suffered other than them having to go ahead and do chemo and radiation after the mastectomy. She's in remission though and doing great. On the stitching front, I finished Owl on an egg into and ornament. I decided to go ahead and try to make a candy corn button.It turned out okay I guess. It's permanent now anyway. I found the wonderful candy corn ribbon and just had to use it . I am pleased overall how he turned out.I have him hanging on the door knob of the curio cabinet.

I finished the Bent Creek snowman for the most part. I changed a few colors around .I haven't decided for sure whether or not to use cross stitches for the snowflakes or snowflake sequins. I better decide soon because I am really wanting to get this done so I can move on to something else.

Edgar's fog and theatre pictures reminded me of some we had taken so I thought I would post those. The fog picture was taken over Lake Taneycomo while we were at the Branson Landing.The fog had been thicker and looked really cool but by the time we decided to take a picture and walk down to the car to get the camera, it was starting to dissipate. I used to spend a lot of time in that area when I was a little girl. The Branson Landing shopping center wasn't there and there were some summer cabins down there and people used to go fishing there a lot. The cabins are long gone. I remember that my dad helped with the demolition of some of those .I was in kindergarten then I think and I remember finding someone's toothbrush and picking up rocks and fossils. It was a lot different back then.

This is a picture of the Lander's Theatre which is now houses the Springfield Little Theatre. A lot of people still refer to it as the Lander's . There are all kinds of stories that surround that old building. We were in there one day and was allowed to have an unguided tour. There used to be an elevator in there and it was closed when there had been a fire and hasn't been used in many many years. Now here is something that will make the hair on the back of your neck raise. At the time we were there they were getting ready to put on a production of 'The Diary of Anne Frank' and were getting the Nazi costumes ready in the sewing room upstairs.Just outside of that sewing room is where the old elevator shaft was and they now use it for a closet.There is a whole bunch of stuff in there and they seemed to never throw anything away. We found a stack of very old newspapers and started looking at them.One of them we found was had a story of the Nazi invasion on Austria on the front page.When we looked at the date of the paper it had the exact same day on it as when we were there, except of course for the year. We had the hair on our necks and armed raised up and had chills and we decided we were done with the tour. I would sware on a stack of bibles that it is true! One of the strangest things that has ever happened in my life for sure. We told the girl at the ticket office about it and she wouldn't believe it until my husband went back up the stairs and got the paper and showed it to her. She jokingly asked her boss when her shift was over.LOL!

Well I shall run along for now.Thank you for the comments, especially about the ones about my mom. You all are just so sweet!

'Til next time, happy stitching!



  1. Your button looks great, as do your finishes! I love your other pics too- that fog picture is really neat!

  2. I LOVE how you finished your owl piece. You did a wonderful job making the button. The coordinating ribbon is a wonderful finishing touch!

    The picture of the bridge & fog is lovely.

  3. Owl on an egg turned out very cute, and the button looks great on him! I think the snowman would look better with cross stitch snow flakes..what about using sparkly threads on them like Krenik to make the snow "glitter"?


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