Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pick a title..,any title

Greeting all! Okay so I couldn't decide on a title name today. I will never make it as a writer, good thing I'm not trying. I just poured here last night. We were at the grocery store and it was sprinkling when we wernt it. When we came out, a whole other story. It was pouring buckets when we ran to ther car and quickly unloaded and got in the car, it looked like we had walked through Niagra Falls! It was cold too! Well, I finally finished my Gathering Pincones pincushion. I'm not real happy with the way the bottom turned out. That lower right corner just would not behave! Any advice Vonna? Oh well, I'm not trying to win a prize. My dad goes to sales all the time and he knows I have a thing for wooden boxes. I keep my specialty theads in this one. Speaking of my dad, I mentioned in a post a little while ago that he lost his dog of 15 years, Brutis.Well this past Saturday, the day I dislocated my toe, he had to rush his other dog ,Brutis' brother Mickey, to the vet. He hadn't hardly eaten since Brutis had died and my dad thought he was grieving himself to death. He had lost weight and was getting weak ,and despite my dads efforts to get food down, he just wasn't eating. Dr. Smith ( our family vet) ran some tests and she told my dad that Mickey had liver cancer and it was too far gone. She suggested putting him down but my dad wasn't ready to let go, so she gave him some pain medicine and fed him through an I.V. and told my dad she'd call him and let him know how he was doing.I had called my mom about my toe and she said that dad was at the vet and would be home shortly and she'd send him over. Well he no sooner got home and the vet called and told him she needed him back out there. When he got there she told him that Mickey had started having seisures and he had went blind.She told him he only had hours at that point so my dad had her put him down. My dad came over and put my toe back in place and then told me about Mickey. He was very upset to say the least and I felt guilty about him coming over to help me. Then I realized that it was probably a good distraction for him. I feel just awful for my dad having lost both of his dogs in such a short time. Well I seemed to have gotten off track a bit. Here is the finished pin cushion.

I just had to start yet another project last night. Here is my progress on Bent Creek's Owl on an Egg. It's a freebie from them. I'm not sure just yet how I will finish him. I am leaning toward either an ornament or maybe a scissor pocket. I think he is the cutest little guy. Thanks Tracey , for directing me to the link for this pattern!

Not a whole lot of progress on the snowman.I did change the color of his scarf from mulberry to dove. I just couldn't see him in a purple scarf. I will change the color of the puddle that is supposed to be underneathe him and also the star. The color called for is WDW cadet for those but it has too much of a green undertone for me, or at least the dye lot that I seen did. I will probably change the star to a light yellow, maybe WDW honeysuckle and the puddle to WDW dolphin. I might go ahead and use DMC # 3678 which is the alternative on the pattern.

Ok ,I know this looks nasty, after all ,CANDY BLOOD! We saw this yesterday at Walgreens and had to get it for our son. We're coming up on that time of year for all the gory stuff. I don't get too gory though as I can't stand it. Anyway ,what we found funny about it is that my husband works in blood services so we thought our son would get a kick out of it.Maybe the idea is morbid ,I don't know. Our son liked it though.

My toe is much better and I need to get some housework done so I'm not sure how much stitching I will get done.

Thanks again for all of your nice comments!

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  1. Its so hard to lose a loved pet, my sympathies to your dad. I have the owl pattern too in my someday i'll get to it line up, and was thinking wouldn't he look cute for Halloween on a pumpkin instead of an egg? I did their Robin on an egg one last spring and turned my blue robins egg into an easter egg. (I hope bent creek doesnt mind the improvisation)


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