Monday, September 7, 2009

A little this...a little that.... (picture heavy and a little long)

Greetings everybody! ....Welcome back to my humble little blog! This weekend was a somewhat busy one, yet somehow it seemed so calm.We had planned on Friday to go to what I thought was a needlework shop .It's about an 45min-an hour drive.We no longer have a needlework shop in town so I have no choice but to drive elsewhere.When I called the shop to find out their exact location, I discovered that they have all the cross stitch fabric ,most of the fibers,but very few charts.The lady on the phone told me that there isn't much of a demand for them.I think NOT! She told me that the store was mostly catered to knitting.Good thing I didn't tell her that I knitted or she probably wouldn't have mentioned that they didn't have much in the way of cross stitch.Anyway...we considered the busy traffic there would be in Branson ,especially Labor Day weekend,but thought ,what the heck,let's go! So very glad we did! We popped in to this great little needlework shop, Cecilia's Samplers, ( ) where I had never been.It was a great little shop and the lady was oh so helpful.We stayed and stayed and stayed! We learned that the shop was recently vandelized.Someone hacked a chunk out of a model they had in their store! Can you imagine someone doing such a thing?! The dirty birds! Anyway ...we came back with a small stash ,and when I looked in the bag in the car on the way to Bob Evans for dinner,I found a thread sorter, a magnetic calendar for the fridge and a really cute Halloween pattern from Just Another Button Company.There was a little note that said a gift for you! Such a nice place and absolutely no pressure to buy.If you ever need something from the net,check them out! By the way, the LHN Home of a Needleworker (too)! is mine, the Plum Pudding pattern and WDW is my husband's! Now he knows you can't go into a shop and come out empty handed!

As you can see,I had to get started on the LHN pattern.I stitced while watching The Sound of Music. I , of course didn't stitch all of this during that time.I'm not that fast! I was disappointed to find out that Christopher Plummer had said that of all the roles he's played,he detested that one the most.I just love that movie and it wouldn't be the same without him.I am going to make Needleworker into a pillow,which is why I didn't need as much extra fabric around the edges.Besides, it leaves more fabric for the next project,right?

Just a couple of little stitches I did for an ongoing Autumn/Halloween SAL. They have a number of little uses.

Just a quick look at what I will have on my feet this fall/winter season.Just finished them up recently.

Here's a pic of the girls at play.I know they look like they were fighting, but they weren't. This weekend had some sadness as well.My dad's dog Brutis of 15 years died. Now my dad typically is not a crier,but his dogs ( he has another named Mickey) are a big part of his life.My mom told me that he cried for a long time.I felt just terrible for him! We will all miss Brutis.

I couldn't resist this next one. Kinda hard to tell if Daisy was being bashful or mischievous.

Some time or another this weekend ,someone brought in a hitchhiker.Probably DS as he was outside in the backyard a lot .

We ended last evening with a bonfire. I love that it's beginning to be Fall.It's my favorite time of the year!

Thanks eveybody for all of your nice comments.They're appreciated! Hope you all have a wonderful day!
'til next time, happy stitching!

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