Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A wee bit o' progress

Greetings all! Last night was what my son calls 'chick flick' night. My sister came over and she taught me a little bit of how to do bobbin lace. I got the hang of it a little bit but I can't really say it's my bag. I was going to take a picture of it but I forgot. We watched 'Duplex' with Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller. That movie is so funny. I love the look of the place before it gets trashed. I had a wee bit o' progress on No Bees. I focused mainly on the movie , fixing dinner, and I finished the stitching on an exchange piece. Now I just need to finish it off into the final product. For some reason the pic came out bright today.Here's what I got done on No Bees.

Okay, think back to Cicely , Alaska and the early to mid 1990's. Come on ,you can do it, you're not that old. The show was Northern Exposure . It was a place to sit and relax, visit with friends, have a drink at 'The Brick' , get a little insite into Indian customs , nearly freeze to death. You could talk movies with Ed , try to figure out what it is that Maggie is truly searching for, see an uptight doctor from New York , hash it out with an ex- astronaut turned millionaire , who thought he owned everyone. You could spend the night at the 'Sourdough Inn' , take in the view, and listen to the insightful thoughts of 'Chris in the Morning'. I miss that time when waiting for the new episode to come on. I do now own all of the seasons on DVD and pull them out to watch when the urge strikes.

I purchased this Northern Exposure cookbook on ebay a few years ago. From time to time I pull it out and make one of the wonderful recipes concealed in it's pages. Last night I made Ruth-Anne's pork chops, except I use chicken. It is one of our favorites from the book. It has the chops ( chicken breasts ) of course, freshly grated ginger, salt , pepper, orange peel, orange juice, and dark brown sugar. It's really good. Last night I served it with the baby carrots and potatoes that we had left over from the night before.

Here they are cooking. Don't they look tasty? Is your mouth watering yet? :) I may have to make them again next week.

Well , I'm off to see the wizard. Thank you all for your wonderful kind comments. Don't forget to keep coming back to see the giveaway announcement. Hope you all have a great day!

'Til next time,



  1. Your chops do look good cooking there. So what's the agenda for today? Stitching on No Bees or finishing your exchange piece?

  2. Those chops look fantastic! I have a couple of Northern Exposure t-shirts. I have no idea how they came to be in my posession but they are huge and I wear them when I exercise. Random!
    No Bees looks lovely :-)

  3. Peg- I will probably work on No Bees today. I don't have everything I need to finish off the exchange. I might pick it up later today though, who knows. We'll have to get together and work on those buttons!


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