Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whooo? Whooo?

Greetings all! Can you believe that we are in the last days of September? Man ,where does the time go? I have been working the last couple of days on Bent Creek's Owl on an Egg .I'm not sure if I will add a candy corn button. Guess it depends on whether or not they turn out right. I am also trying to decide whether or not to make this into an ornament or a scissor pocket. I will roll that over in my head with everything else in there. Here he is! He reminds me of a bandit with that mask on!

I may or may not post tomorrow. My mom is going in to have some more reconstruction done from her mastectomy. She got 3rd degree burns from the radiation so they are having to do more than they thought at first.

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  1. He turned out great! :) Saying prayers for your mom..

  2. Owl on an egg looks great!! Good thoughts and prayers going out to your mom!!

  3. Very cute and just in time for the Halloween season! You inspired me to pull owl and an egg out of my own waiting pile, I started him last night...hopefully mine will be done before Halloween too.

  4. Oh I hope they put your mom all back together satisfactorily. What a trooper. Your owl is awesome. I have that design and need to stitch him!

  5. Bless your poor Momma! I've never heard of getting 3rd degree burns! Did someone forget about her during her treatment? I'll keep her in my prayers! The little masked bandit is super cute!


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