Friday, April 30, 2010

Some more progress and a lot of kindness.....

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ Ah 'tis Friday again! I always look forward to the weekend. Hubby will be home, which means he usually takes over the cooking, Yay! I get lots of stitching in , and we just have fun being together! Today my world is great! I have received lots of wonderful mailings this week . So far I've had something in the mail box nearly every day! I hear tell in an email that there will be more on the way!! Wow! Lots of fun , makes me wonder if I will ever get back to my flylady deep cleaning! Maybe I should put the boy on that this summer! Speaking of him, I am so proud! He did a wonderful job at bowling league this week! He is a one man team and he played against a team that usually wins trophies and MY SON won all 4 games ! He was so excited!
You know, some time back I was thinking about possibly giving up my blog. I asked myself , do I have time for this, does it make a difference to people, would they miss me if I was gone? You know , things like that. One thing I decided to do was have a week once in a while where I'm not posting every single day. That's helped on the time thing. As far as if I make a difference in any way , I don't know. I do know that you all make a difference to me and I need that! I won't go into detail , but here lately I have been having some pretty low times. I have shared that with a few that I swap email with. This past week has really been a pick me up. This morning as I was looking out my kitchen window and thinking about how much I have been blessed by such kind words and gestures this week, a beautiful dove flew down and landed in the backyard. It was such a soothing sight to see!
Well, on to the stitching! Below is my progess so far on Psalm 145.
Thanks to wonderful Rebecca , I was able to get this in my possesion and heading in on the home stretch! I was getting a little worried as to whether or not I was going to be able to stitch it in all the colors the pattern called for. I thought I had enough Kudzu for the grass and trees and then I discovered I didn't. I went to the quilt store, they were out. I went to the yarn store, THEY were out! So , I hopped on the computer and ordered them in from Cecilia's Samplers and had them right away! I had just enough Kudzu to hold me until my little order arrived! Whew!

Well dear friends and blogging buddies, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with family , friends, rest and relaxation ,and lots of stitching! Thank you all for coming by again and for all of your wonderful comments! They really make a day so much nicer!

'till next time,

don't be a stranger,



  1. It was my pleasure helping you out. Feel free to ask anytime in the future.

  2. Rebecca, what else ya got? LOL! Not trying to be greedy, just kidding!

  3. The wip looks great!! Have a super weekend!!

  4. Glad to hear all is right with your world, Sharlotte. I really would NOT like it if you quit blogging, I do so enjoy reading when I can, your posts! This is a pretty wip, you are doing wonderful with it!

  5. Keep going Sharlotte! Love to visit your blog and see your beautiful stitching. The lateste looks great! All the best

  6. Ah, to blog or not to blog...I gave up my personal/family blog awhile back. It was hilarious and even got featured in a couple newspapers. However, I got so many haters emailing me about how bad I suck, that when the blog got a virus a few weeks back, I never bothered to go in and fix it. I don't miss folks telling me I suck at all! Imagine that!

    I really enjoy blogging about stitching though and sharing it with so many others. I would miss you if you quit! Nice wip, by the way. :)

  7. Sharlotte,
    I for one am so glad you are blogging - otherwise I wouldn't have found you my friend!

    It sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! My hubby is working this weekend, so I am the keeper of the baseball schedule. Tell your son congrats on his accomplishment!!

  8. You've got to keep blogging! I enjoy reading blogs, and sharing my tales with the blogfest!

    Loving your progress...

  9. I go through the same thing with blogging. Now I feel no obligation to do it - when I feel like it or have something to say I blog. I felt bad the past couple weeks when I wasn't commenting much, but life gets in the way. Don't stop - just lessen it some. I love reading your posts and hearing what goes on with you.

    Your stitched piece looks wonderful and I'm glad that you found some thread!

  10. Enjoyed my visit here today. :-) Enjoy the weekend!!

  11. I too enjoy visiting your blog! You are an inspiration with all the projects you complete. You would be missed! Hugs.

  12. Lovely stitching and design! Blogging can consume your life - just post here and there or when you feel the need. I don't see how in the world anyone has the time to post each day - I'm slow, I guess, and it takes me way too long! So the posts are periodic. Do what YOU want to do - it's your blog and we'll all be here whenever you do post. :)

  13. Wishing you a lighthearted week!

    Blog when you feel like it. It will all work out.


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