Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've Hit 100!!!!!!

Greetings dear friends!~ I can't believe that I've turned 100! Well my follower count has anyway.LOL . Thanks to everyone who follows my blog. I appreciate it so much. Still baffles me that I actually have 100 people that like to read my dribble. Getting to know so many of you has meant so much! I just feel bad that we can't visit in person. Maybe someday.For now, your visits and comments in like we are visiting. :)
Don't you just love bargains! I love bargains! I was with my mother the other day and look what I found for $1.49!!

Ghiradelli is just about my favorite chocolate and for the price , it was just begging to come home with me! Anyone know if this freezes well? I was thinking about going and getting more and sticking it in the freezer. Yeah ,right, like it would stay there!!LOL!


Linda let me know that her Easter exchange arrived that I sent her. I forgot to take a picture so I swiped her's. You don't mind do you Linda? Anyway , I found the cuttest roll of ribbon that said "hippity hop, hippity hop, Easter's on it's way". I just had to send that. It was just too cute. I also sent along a piece of opalescent evenweave that I thought she might use for something. Do you recognize the little "peep" scissor fob? I decided to send it to her along with some cute little ladybug and daisy stickers. I stitched a little hanging pillow from Lizzie*Kate titled "Hop Squared",on 28 count pink Silkweavers linen using DMC and Weeks.I used Rainbow Gallery whisper for the tails to make them fuzzy. I finished it off on the back with pink and white gingham and the hanger is a cute little Easter Egg rick-rack. I don't stitch many Lizzie*Kate designs but this one I HAD to do.

April also let me know that she recieved the Winter House 2010 exchange that I sent. I stitched a little house from Pine Mountain and then the snowflake came from a Bent Creek design. I stitched it on 28 count natural linen using DMC, Rainbow Gallery linen floss, Needle Necessities overdyed floss ( now Threadworx) . I added on cute little snowflake and star buttons, then added a Mill Hill snowflake charm. I finished it into a scissor pocket and April has told me that it is already holding a pair of her embroidery scissors so I am happy as a clam. : )

This last picture is of our sweet little "new baby" Cassie. Isn't she just adorable?! She's an Aussiedor. We have had her a few weeks but I just kept forgetting to post a picture of her. She and Brittney get along just fine except for feeding time! LOL . We usually bring her in and feed her. She is soooo easy to train. She has learned fetch, sit, and lay on command already. It only took a day to teach each thing. As a matter of fact , it only took a few tries to get her to sit on command. She is very very smart.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day!! It is supposed to be 82 here today! I am so excited! Thanks so much for stopping by today and for all of the wonderful comments and emails and words of encouragement! You ALL are so awesome! Btw... with all of this nice weather putting me in such a great mood , I feel another giveaway coming on! Wanna know what it is and when it will be??? Well, stick around. It will be posted soon!

'till next time,

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  1. Oh my, Cassie is sooooooo cute!
    And she sounds super smart too :-)
    Lovely stitching for your exchanges, I bet the recipients love their packages :-)
    In my house chocolate would never last long enough to make it to the freezer! LOL
    Congrats on 100 followers, for some reason blogger won't let me follow you but I follow by myself anyway :-)
    Have a great day x

  2. Cassie is just adorable. I hope you share many more photos of her as she grow.

    Wonderful exchange stitching. I love the LK one. And congratulations on your milestone of 100 followers.

  3. YEAH!!!!! Congratulations dear Sharlotte! What an achievement! And, I am sooooo happy to be one of those lucky followers!

    What a sweet baby girl you have there...her eyes look so soulful!

    Love the exchange pieces...makes me want to join some of them! Except that I really don't have time to do them justice! They are lucky ladies to receive such beautiful exchanges!


  4. You should have bought all the chocolates they had then called me over to share! LOL

  5. Congrats on your 100th follower! I'm almost there- 15 to go! lol Your finish is so cute and love your little pup. :)

  6. What a beautiful dog. I love your exchanges too. Great ideas. mmmm chocolate mmmmmm.....x

  7. Your 'new baby' is gorgeous - I'm feeling really broody!!! Some lovely stitches once again! Chocolate, lucky you, with 82 degrees the freezer sounds like a good place for it - best send it over to the South of England - it will survive better in our cold temperatures!!!

  8. Congratulations on your 100th follower. I'm not surprised though because I love your blog and all your stitching! Love that bargain on Chocolate too - ymmm - my favorite!! We're going to be 80 here too - almost unheard of around here at this time of the year!! Have a wonderful Easter.

  9. Yay Sharlotte!!! 100 followers! You deserve every last one plus more! So glad that you are being so successful here in blogland! Cassie is ADORABLE...her pic makes me want to reach out and pet her! Glad to hear that she is adjusting and learning quickly! Oh, and if you have too much chocolate, I would of course be a good friend and take some off of you hands! Hehehehe...Happy Stitching!

  10. great stitches. The dog is beautiful

  11. Wonderful exchanges you sent! Your pup is so cute too! Congrats on turning 100 ;)

  12. Cassie is beautiful! What a sweetie! Wonderful exchanges you sent!

  13. Congratulations on 100 followers!

  14. Cassie is a cutie! Are her eyes really blue or do they just photograph that way?

    Lovely exchanges you sent. Congrats on 100 followers!

  15. Your stitching is cute, and Cassie is adorable. Hope you share more picutres of her. I usually put my chocolate in the fridge, keeps well and doesn't need to defrost :)

  16. ADORABLE ... Great Photos!!!
    Happy Easter!!!

    Congratulations new pet parents.

    You're invited to follow my blog,
    Linda & OREO
    Woof Woof


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