Friday, April 16, 2010

A little stitching and another visit to the lake...

Greetings all!~ I am sitting here with a pounding headache today. I hadn't had the headaches yet this time that iritis usually produces , but I think that's what I am suffering from this morning. That will probably mean sunglasses indoors today and no stitching! :(
Yesterday was a lovely day. It was 80 outside and the sun was shining and we decided to head out to the lake. We grabbed a blanket, some paper goods, and took a picnic KFC style and headed out. I didn't get any stitching done until last night so this is as far as I got on the bell pull, just from the little flowers down.

I want to mention to Faye , Rebecca, and others that are thinking of doing this piece, it is a lot of fun , BUT there are a lot of misprinted symbols of colors and placement. I ahve to keep referring to the picture of the piece to make sure I know where the mistakes are. Just so you know ahead of time. :) Any seasoned stitcher could figure them out easily though. Anyone working on it that has any questions , please feel free to email me. Just let me know in the subject line what it's about.


Here is just one of the few pictures I took of the lake itself. I was so entranced just sitting there and taking in the view and doing nothing that I didn't pick up the camera much.

I did have to take a snap of my two favorite guys though. Hubby Jack of course, wearing his silly hat a friend gave him at Halloween.....

...and the boy child , Alex , who is in desperate need of a hair cut but boks at me touching it! Is it the teen attitude coming through? LOL

Jack went walking the shoreline and found three bobbers , a couple of guys who flooded out the boat motor, and this little guy. He didn't stay on the blanket but about 20 seconds, long enough to take the picture. He was ready to head for the water again. Can't say as I blame him. If some big huge creature was carrying me around, I'd want to go home too!

Out around the lake area is this very old cemetery , that also has a section with several slaves buried in it. Being a genealogy and historian hobbyist, a stone caught my eye that we had to get a picture of. The base is one big solid piece and then splits where the angel is. I think when I go, I'd like to have one like it. Very peaceful looking don't you think?

***Yay! I just noticed that my headache is gone without medication or steriods!! ***


Yesterday Berit asked about the threads on Where My Heart Blooms. Sorry I wasn't clear the day before. There are two colors that walls of the house calls for . The symbols mark where they are to be stitched in different places , so there is the interesting color change through the stitching on the house.

Maggee also asked what issue the bell pull was in....It's in the Summer 1992 issue of Cross Stitch Sampler.


I am a little curious about what makes my readers read, and keep coming back. Just wondering what it is that interests you about my blog. Please feel free to let me know via the comments section or email if you'd like.

Well friends and blogging buddies, it's time once again , to wrap this up for the week.I will post the giveaway on Monday or Tuesday , so make sure you come back to see what it is!! Thank you all for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement. They mean a lot!

'till next time,

don't be a stranger,



  1. What makes your readers read? YOU, silly. It's not your stitching that brings me back, though fun to see and inspiring to me.

    It's because I see you as a friend I've never met. A sister in Christ. I come back because I get to sit and 'visit' with a friend. ;-)

  2. Ok, I have to go get the tissues!

  3. Sharlotte, your Blog is so interesting and fun to read ~ I love all your news, your pics and especially your stitching - really loved the Ingalls/Wilder posting, it was so interesting to read all about their houses when I only ever knew them as a TV programme! xxx

  4. Love your stitching, love your attitude . . . it is just a pleasure to follow.

  5. Amen, Parsley...that's it in a nutshell, Sharlotte! I think for most of us, we see this as a long distance sit~and~stitch session...which, we all know is not just the stitchin' time but the fellowship with kindred spirits too.

    It helps that you are such a delightful person, which makes us want to come back and visit a spell!! And, most certainly, we do enjoy seeing your beautiful handwork...


  6. I love the cemetary stone photo....and I completely agree that if I have to have a stone, I want something grand.....LOL

    I keep coming back to all the stitching blogs because I like seeing what other people are working on. I have trouble keeping my stitching going and your blog inspires me to pick my stuff up again. :0)

  7. Thanks for the clarification; I think I've got it now--not sure why I was so dense regarding it. I'm glad that your headache relieved itself so simply! :)

    I don't know that I have any particular favorites when it comes to your blog; I enjoyed your recent info on LIW, and of course, the best part is always stitching! :D

  8. I think that I come back because I like reading what you have to say and love to see what you're working on!

    And I don't know what is up with patterns lately - I've had the past two or three that I've worked on all have some kind of mistake - just enough to drive me nuts!!

  9. So glad your headache is gone! They are no fun at all!

    Looks like a fun day at the lake - it looks really peaceful!

  10. Sharlotte, I hope by now you are feeling much better. The day on the lake looks wonderfully relaxing.

    I visit your blog and other for inspiration. I always seem to learn something too. What really surprised me because I didn't even begin to expect it is the friendships that have been formed through blogging. It's the best bonus of all!

  11. Sharlotte, I just love reading your blog!! You make things interesting~~ AND, thanks for the heads up about the sampler and misprints.... Appreciate it....Now, no more headaches~~~ Glad you got rid of them~~ Happy stitching, Faye

  12. Sharlotte, Thanks so much for the info update on the misprinting of the chart. I will make sure I go slowly and carefully when I am stitching. Thanks for posting the pictures of the piece you are working on. I think that will help too. When I get done with Nursing school in May, I will get started on it right away.

  13. That day at the lake certainly was a great day out. That's what your pictures tell us.
    I love to visit stitchy blogs, I love to see what other stitchers are working on. It's inspiring and makes me want to go and stitch, lol. A big motivation, I think. And I love to get to know other stitchers through their blogs.

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful picnic! What a neat cemetary (that sounds odd to say! LOL). I love to look at gravestones and wonder at the lives people led.

    Nice progress! I am glad your headache went away.

    As for what makes me read your blog, see above for the answers. :) Seriously, it's you that makes me read it. I appreciate that you take the time to comment on my blog, too. I don't have any stitching friends locally, or many friends here in general, so the connections that I've made through the www and blogging are very important to me. As I sit at the computer with a cup of coffee and read about your stitching and life and see picturess of your area, I feel like I'm sitting down for a cup of coffee with you and visiting for a bit. Blogging has really enriched my life with a lot of new friends. I'm always glad to see a new post from you, so I get to visit some more. :)

  15. PS--love the blog header photo!


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