Friday, April 23, 2010

Stitchers are the best.....

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ Stitchers are some of the BEST people on the planet!! This past week I have had some lovely emails from some of them and they really touch my heart. Unfortunately I had a situation where another stitching blogger had hurt my feelings. Most of the time I am pretty thick skinned , but this particular thing really bothered me. I discussed it with someone else, which I did without naming names, and they told me that they would have felt the same way. At least I can feel a little validated that I wasn't taking it the wrong way. So , anyway I am sending out a hug to that friend that was there for me!! She knows who she is!! On the flip side, I had mentioned those that have been great this week. I had mentioned a few posts back , that there were a lot of mistakes on the bellpull that I am working on. Well , I had a reader come to my rescue! There was a correction printed in the next issue of that magazine and Maria was kind enough to not only remember that I had mentioned it , but send me the correction. Thanks again Maria! What a sweet thing to do! For the other blogging friends that emailed me with sweet thoughts and gestures, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Your thoughtfulness means a lot!!
Well, without futher ado, here is Joy in the Journey , which I think is pretty much in it's finished state. I say "think" because there was supposed to be a second border , but it's pretty much straight and kinda boring and I thought perhaps I would just leave that part off. Also on the inside border, there is supposed to be yellow flowers facing toward the design and since I don't care for yellow enough to have that much yellow in the design, I think I may leave that off as well. So I have the centers of the flowers to stitch and I will probably call it done!

We took off to the lake for a couple of hours of fishing yesterday . The guys fished and I watched and of course I stitched... what else? LOL! Here they are getting all baited up. They didn't catch anything by the way. It was pretty windy there yesterday and the wind kept blowing their line into the brush there.They did , however, find a couple of nice lures that other fisherman had left behind. All the good spots were already taken so they had no where else to go. They are planning on going again this weekend bright and early before all of the good spots are taken. Will I go or will I stay...hmmmm.

Well I'm off to finish the flowers before the kiddo gets up. I hope you all have a most wonderful day !! Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and words of encouragement, they mean a lot ! Don't forget that I will be posting the winner of the drawing on Sunday morning!

'till next time,

don't be a stranger,



  1. I for one believe you have to be very careful how you write things in emails or comments as they can be easily misinterpreted! Good that you had someone that was able to validate your feelings - Personally, I can't imagine anyone being negative towards you!

    Your piece looks lovely the way it is - I love the beeskep!

    Your guys are looking very serious about their fishing! With all the baseball stuff going on here, we haven't had time to partake in any fishing lately!

  2. I get so confused how the written word gets misinterpreted. It causes problems for so many because they can see your facial expressions or hear the tone of your voice.

    Anyway, I agree with Catherine, I can't imagine anyone being negative towards you. Sorry that happened. I understand too how we need to vent without ripping someone apart. We just need to know we were 'okay' so we can double check ourselves. Email me anytime. I'll 'listen'.

  3. Beautiful finish, Sharlotte!

    I'm so sorry that you had somebody be negative towards you. I know how hard that is, especially when it's written--just seems to sting a bit more. Big hugs. I'm glad somebody made you feel better!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Stither's are the best! Sure sorry to hear that someone was negative. You are the sweetest person!
    I love your finish. It looks wonderful!

  5. Sorry to hear you've had problems...Some people can be so negative!

    A lovely finish!

  6. Love this piece! It is in my rotation... perhaps next up! As for the bellpull, I did manage to get a copy of the magazine... but now there are corrections?? Yikes! Anything major?


  7. Sharlotte, you are too sweet, to have been the object of someone's hatefulness! So sorry that happened, but very glad someone was there to make you feel much better. hugs!!

    Love your finish, it is simple but oh so pretty, and I like it the way it is! Kudos!

  8. great sampler
    and wow about your neighbor
    be aware and safe---- yikes

    love the blog header photo
    have a great wknd
    fishing looks fun
    i would sit and stitch and ask to reel one in on occasion :0)

  9. It's beautiful! I have this on my 'to stitch' list. :) I am so sorry someone hurt your feelings- I hope it wasn't me! Looks like you had a nice time "fishing" with the boys. hee hee..

  10. Joy in the Journey is just lovely, Sharlotte--you did a beautiful job on it :)

  11. Sharlotte, you're the HAPPY NEEDLE so don't get down, just carry on what you do best and that's giving us all a really enjoyable and interesting Blog to read! Joy in the Journey is gorgeous, beautiful colours and as always great stitching ~ have a great weekend (wish my guys would take up something peaceful like fishing, it's very hard to concentrate to stitch when you're at football!!!) xxx

  12. I love your stitching, and your pure, kind heart. Thanks for just being you. Jesus is proud of you.

    Audience of ONE

  13. Joy looks incredible. The bees are really cute.

  14. So sorry that someone hurt your feelings {{hugs}}

    Love your finish, it's gorgeous!!!

  15. This is a really beautiful finish. And I think it looks great as it is.
    Your men seem to have spent some great time fishing while you were stitching.

  16. I like your changes to Joy in the Journey. The one thing I like about stitching is how easy it is to make it your own and change things up a bit. Nice job!

    Maria is such a sweetie for sending you the corrections to the chart.

    Sorry the guys didn't catch anything. I'm sure they still had a good time but what a bummer for them.


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