Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some progress , a catastrophe, and a visit to the lake

Greetings all!~ Glad you all could stop by today. I still have not finished my biscornu. I didn't realize that I didn't have the fiber fill for it and have not made it to the store yet for it. So that will come another time. I haven't gotten the piece finished for the giveaway yet , but I hope too real soon. Here is my progress for Where My Heart Blooms.

A little closer look, I'm still not good at doing closeups.

Well yesterday I mentioned a little bit about a small catastrophe. Let me get right to the explaining. I got up yesterday and took a shower and noticed the water was cold . I didn't think much about it as I sometimes am still pretty sleepy and thought that maybe I just hadn't got the hot and cold adjusted right. I started the rest of my morning and had started to work on my post . Jack had awakened and I mentioned to him about the shower being cold. He grabbed a flashlight and some other dohickie and headed for the garage. When he came back in he was pretty ticked! That was when I decided I'd better buzz off of my post. He explained to me that it looked like perhaps the water heater had started to catch fire and that a VERY LARGE leak had put it out. Something in the tank had burst and water was all over the place in the garage. Maybe that might not sound too bad to some of you who are thinking , well , water on a concrete floor, just squeegie it out. Well , what you don't know is , we use our garage for storage. So there were boxes and tubs, and bags soaked in water! Aye-ya-yi !! Well the repair men quickly came and evaluated the situation and went and got what they needed and came back. The older gentleman was quite tall and he back up and hit his head on the bottom of the garage door that was raised and it knocked him to the ground! Scared me half to death! I made Jack stay out there with them , because you hear all the time about how people hit their head and think they are okay only to end up in the ER with something much worse. Anway , he seemed to shake it off and do okay. We now have a new 50 gal. tank instead of a 30 gal. and the water heats much much faster. It did take us about all day to sort through the mess and clean up. Our neighbors offered to let us use their industrial size dumbster at their place of business to get rid of what we needed to. Something to sort of look forward to is that next Christmas I will have almost all brand new Christmas decore! For any of you reading this that sent me cross stitched ornaments, don't worry. I was smart enough to store those inside the house!
Anyway, while we were busy with all of that. Look what little Miss Cassie busied herself with!

Flour out of the trashcan! That was all she did though. She's a pretty good girl even though in this picture she looks like she was thinking evil thoughts!LOL!

Well I mentioned we went for a drive on Easter to the surrounding lakes. We have gotten a lot of rain and they had risen quite a bit. Look how near the road it is! It was a little scarey to me.

You may or may not be able to tell in the pictures that the warm water has started to rise and the cold water has started to fall. The water looks kind of muddy and unsettled because of that process. Pretty soon , it will look at nice again. We were actually to be married at this lake but it rained that day so we had to move it to the reception hall. :( It was still nice.


Btw... I know there are a lot of you that like The Sampler Girl patterns so I thought that I would let you all know that they are 20% off this week at 123stitch.com .Well I'm going to run for now. Thank you all for stopping by and I hope you come this way again!

'till next time,

don't be a stanger,



  1. Pretty pictures. sorry about the water heater. Where my heart blooms is coming along nicely.

  2. Sorry about the water heater - glad you got it taken care of quickly. WIP looks good. Love the pic of your Cassie!

  3. Oh my, Sharlotte! What a day you had! Glad everything worked out for the best though.

    Cassie is too adorable...how can you be mad at a sweet face like that!!

    Blooms is looking gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished...you always do the most beautiful handwork!


  4. nice progress on your bbd sampler
    hooray for the bigger hot water heater

  5. Sorry to hear about your HWH, but glad the fire was of the "self-extinguishing" kind. Lovely progress on "Where My Heart Blooms".

  6. Ohhh No well I am glad to hear that nothing caught fire, it was a blessing that the leak happened. I had my water tank blow up on me and my DH was not home I had to call my dad 3,000 miles away to ask him how to turn it off. I now know how to turn off the water heater :)

    Your pup is so cute with that " Did not do Mom" look on her face...

    The lake is really high, but it looks beautiful. May I ask what lake that is?DH and I are thinking about Lake living just trying to find a Lake thats right for us.

    Take Care your stitching is looking great BTW.

  7. Thank goodness it was just the garage, even though you had things stored in there-- our water heater in our townhouse broke in '07 while we were sleeping and flooded our downstairs. Fortunately none of our computer stuff was on the floor but I did have to throw away a stitching project that wasn't sealed up.. :(

  8. What an ordeal. I'm glad you have a new heater, and hopefully you didn't have too much ruined! I love your sampler BTW. I have to do this one someday!

  9. Whew! Well at least you have a new, larger more effective heater (and your house didn't burn down)! And your stitchy ornaments are safe! Your sampler is looking lovely, btw. :D

  10. There are silver linings in that catastrophe! It could have been much much worse.

    Cassie is a cutie! I think she was deserves a cookie for being so darn cute!

  11. Wow! I'd love a larger water heater - but not that way! Glad to hear the repairman was no worse for wear either!

    Your stitching looks lovely!

    And Cassie - what a cutie! I imagine it's hard to be mad at a face like that!

  12. It's always something isn't it? I'm glad your damage was minimal. A fire would have been awful!! I'm loving Where My Heart Blooms. It's on my to do list. I love, love, love Blackbird Designs!

  13. Things like this are never funny, are they, but the good thing is that nothing worse happened and nobody was hurt.
    Your stitching looks terrific. It's one of the BBD pieces that I want to stitch as soon as possible.

  14. Oh, gosh!! I'm glad there wasn't a lot of damage. Our water thingie burst in our old house, but it was in our basement... where I stored the Christmas stuff. We salvaged what we could but a lot of it was trashed.

    Your WMHB is BEAUTIFUL! I love that sampler. I love the HOE exchange that you got, too!

  15. So sorry to hear about the garage!! The house that we currently live in has had two major flooding events in the basement. I use the basement for storage and I know that you mean about soggy boxes and trash hauls.

    Glad to hear that you have a new water heater, though! I guess it helps when there is a silver lining to the rain cloud!

    WMHB is looking great! You will be finished in no time! I love the colors...so pretty!

    Well, I am off to finish this weeks assignments. Glad to see you again, Sharlotte! Talk to you soon!

  16. Sorry about the leak, but at least it put out the possible fire! Your heart blooms stitching is beautiful and the flour faced pup is pretty cute too!


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