Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A quick post...

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I hope you all are doing well! It has been rather chilly here the last few days but at least the rain is gone for now! :) As you can tell by the picture below, I have started another project! I have put the bellpull aside for a few days while I work on LHN's Psalm 145. I am loving this so far!

I'm going to have a busy morning and need to have some "me" time before the guys get up so I'm gonna scoot. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments on the ornament, I appreciate them ! Oh and Deb, bring 'em on! LOL! If all you don't see me the rest of the week, don't be surprised.I will be wrapped up in this stitch , it's loads of fun!

"till next time,

don't be a stranger,



  1. A lovely start to the LHN piece!

  2. Love your new start Sharlotte! Also your JBW finish looks great too as well as the two pieces in your last post. We are having chilly weather here too . Not helping me much to get over this spring cold that I have.

  3. I was just looking through my patterns the other day and saw this one and thought...I need to stitch this soon ;o)
    Lovely start!

  4. Great new start Sharlotte! I love anything with houses in it. Hope you enjoy some great time today to yourself. Those times are hard to find sometimes, aren't they? And be careful, I just may take you up on your offer!!! :o)

  5. Will love seeing this one come together, Sharlotte! It is a beautiful verse!!

    Love your previous post too, I missed commenting on it, cuz I just saw it! lol I love the jbw ornament and especially your progress on the lovely bellpull! What a great idea to give that to your mother for Mother's Day! Know she will cherish it!

  6. Whew! So much done already1 You are a fast stitcher for sure. :)

  7. It looks beautiful, can't wait to see what you pick out for a frame.

  8. We're still having fairly cool mornings but the days are hot enough for air conditioning. The piece you're working on now is really beautiful and you seem to have made a lot of progress really quickly. You're needle must be flying!


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