Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother's Day comes early...

Greetings all!~ We had such a windy and stormy weekend! All is well in our area though . Some other cities and towns nearby were not so lucky. I just hate storms! A few years ago we had a local dairy lose a lot of their bulidings during a tornado and they still are not back up to business full speed. I really miss them! Thanks so much Catherine , for checking on me. I really appreciate it!
Well Mother's Day came a little early to my house. Hubby planted two rose bushes and the pictures just do not do them justice! I hope he plans on taking care of them because I'll just kill 'em! LOL!

He also decided to recycle a tire into a planter and spray panted it green .It looks a lot better in person .

The pretty pink doesn't show up as well in this picture. I will have to try to see if I can get a better shot.

I got the stitching finished on Psalm 145! Yay! I can't wait to get it into a frame. I have one picked out so we'll see how it works.

I need to finish up the bellpull this week as Mother's Day is just around the corner! I will show more progress on that later. I also started a couple of new things this weekend that I will be showing this week as well. Stay tuned!!
I hope the rest of your day goes well and I look forward to you all visiting again!
Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and continued support! It really helps me get through the day!
'till next time,
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  1. Just popping over to say hello to one of my special 'flowers'.

    Your stitching is lovely. (Do you get tired of hearing that?)

  2. Gorgeous roses!

    Congratulations on your finish :o) Looking forward to pic of the finished framing...

  3. Stormy days around here too :) But we needed some rain...

    LOVE Psalm 45 it is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely finish! And roses are hard to kill--I basically ignore mine and they are all doing fine.

  5. Everything looks good - the roses, the tire and the stitching!! I love the color of your roses - enjoy! And I am glad you are okay, no harm done from the storms.

  6. What a lovely finish, Sharlotte--I love it!

    Good luck with those beautiful roses--I, like you, just can't seem to keep them alive for some reason...

  7. Very nice finish. :) And I love the planter! What a good idea.

  8. Nice finish! :D I think the planter looks very nice. :)

  9. Lovely stitching, roses and great recycle of the tire.

  10. Your new roses are lovely and I adore the tire planter.

  11. Congrats on your LHN finish, love the colors! What a fun planter box your hubby designed for you. Here is a great tip when pruning your roses that my Mother taught me. ***You can snip/prune your roses as short as you want as long as the cut is above the lowest stem with "five" leaves. If you trim them too short they have a tendency to go "wild" and have tons of sharp thorns.*** Sorry I've been a stranger, just too busy with "life", but I am trying to catch up....Smiles....

  12. Congrats on your finish, it's lovely! Beautiful roses you got, the colours are beautiful.


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