Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stitching , treats, and a scam

Hello all! So glad you all stopped by! It is going to be a wonderful day here in the Ozarks! The high being called for today is 75 and tomorrow and Thursday it is supposed to be around 80! That will probably change though, as it is always cold here around Easter.
I'm so glad you all enjoyed the pictures of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homes. That was a fun place! Yesterday Valerie asked what the needlework was like. It was mostly very very tiny knitting and crocheting with something that was labeled as being a sampler done by Laura but it looked more like she was either doing the satin stitch or perhaps making a smyrna. It was done when she was like 5 or 6. Then they had some beadwork that Mary had done after she went blind. I thought it was very pretty
With yesterday being so nice, we decided we needed a treat and ran down to Dairy Queen. We also stopped at Walgreen's for Coke in bottles. Doesn't this look like a good treat?

Well drinking a Coke was a mistake for me and my stomach so this came next.

You all at one time or another have probably been sent a chain letter wanting money for some dumb ( phoney) list of names and tells you how to make money with it right? Well Jack decided to send them the money and here it is!LOL!

Yesterday I decided to stitch a pin cushion for my wall curio. I stitched it on a mystery piece of linen and used DMC and Weeks. It is part of the BBD "Where My Heart Blooms" pattern that I am borrowing from Catherine.

This is the fabric that I used on the back . It is a Moda print from Holly Taylor's Burst of Autumn line.

Well , that's a wrap for me for another day. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and wonderful words of encouragement! They ALL mean so much and so do you!!
'till next time,
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  1. Beautiful little finish there Sharon. I loved your post about Laura I Wilder. Very interesting. x

  2. Beautiful little pin cushion :-)
    LOL at what Jack sent to the scammers.
    Blogger was playing up yesterday and I couldn't see the pics on yesterdays post, they are back now though :-) sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I love your pin cushion, it turned out great :) Sounds like a lovely day your going to have 75-80 is perfect weather :)
    Take Care!

  4. Love the little needle keep! You do beautiful work.

  5. I love your pin cushion Sharlotte! Very pretty! And I missed your post on Laura Ingalls Wilder's home. I would love to go there. I must have read her books over and over again when I was younger - they were just about my favorites. I tried to get my DD to read them but she found them boring. Shame on her! :o)

  6. Cute pin cushion ! Wonder what those scammers will think when they see the "money" :)

  7. Cute cushion.
    Kudos to Jack for an awesome prank!

  8. I'm still laughing about the money! Definitely something to remember in case we get any of those letters!

    The pincushion is adorable! Love the fabric! I can't believe how fast you are stitching everything! I have had a slow stitching week here!

    And those treats - yum! But I'd need the Zantac too!

  9. Darling little pincushion! Funny about your son and his "money". How I hate those pyramid chain letters! Good for him
    I missed your post on Laura Ingalls Wilder's hom too. What a wonderful place.

  10. How pretty! That pincushion is just sooo sweet - perfect finishing work!
    I loved the monopoly money idea - nothing beats a great sense of humor.
    The treats looked yummy!! (most treats are worth the Zantac - agree???) :)


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