Monday, March 22, 2010

Not more!!!!

Greetings all!~ So glad you stopped by today. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Well I might as well get on with it. Just look at what I woke up to yesterday morning!!!

Can you believe it? The first weekend of Spring and boom! More sleet and snow! I know it wasn't much but P-LEASE!!! It's not expected to hang on long. As a matter of fact, it rained through the night and half of it is gone already. I was hoping for nicer weather this week. :( It is supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow though.
Didn't do much stitching . I did however whip this up. It will be attached to a rotary cutter case when I get that sewed up. Won't that be cute? I've needed a rotary cutter case for some time now , just hadn't gotten around to it though.

I will probably spend most of the week on deep cleaning and organizing. I really need to get into the game room and tackle it some more. It will be a good time with the kiddo gone. I spoke with him yesterday and he is having such a fantastic time and his nana's . I'm glad that he isn't bored and driving them crazy! On the stitchy front I think I will work on some things I have started and do some more handquilting on Alex's moose quilt. At least he'll have it next winter! :)

Well , I'm off. Happy Monday to you all. Hope you have a most wonderful day . Thanks so much for stopping by . Thank you for all of the wonderful comments and emails. I appreciate them so so much!

'till next time,

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  1. I'm hoping for sun and warmth this week too so that all of our snow will melt. Have a nice week!


  2. I am sooo over Winter :) Have a great week, I love your WIPs, and I am so glad that your son is having a good's hard when they are away :)

    Hoping for those predicted 60s

  3. I feel for you getting more snow! I sure hope we are done!

    Enjoy your time!

  4. Love the new LHN WIP!

    Snow??? We were blessed with 70s temps and beautiful sunshine on Saturday...very fitting for the first day of Spring. Sunday, however, was not so pretty and warm...very cold, strong wind...but, the sun WAS out!

    Glad the boy child is enjoying his visit with the grandparents...and, you can enjoy your "me" time!


  5. MORE fluffy white stuff? It's still fairly nippy here in England but hopefully we've had our share of snow for this Winter so fingers crossed it will be the same for you soon. Another lovely stitch again with gorgeous seasonal colours.

  6. I'd be pretty annoyed to see that snow too!

    Great little stitch!

  7. sweet fob to be....i wish you warm skies soon

  8. Beautiful finish. Hope that snow has gone now. x


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