Friday, March 19, 2010

TGIF and beginning of Spring Break!!!....

Greetings all!~ Ahhhh... Friday is here! I will be spending the day cleaning house for the weekend as usual but things are a little different today. I am packing my son's laundry that I am washing into a suitcase and he is going to his nana's for Spring Break! That's right, an entire week of no math, science , history, Italian, none of that stuff! Also no "mom , we're out of... ( plug just about anything in here)". You know I remember when my brothers and nephews were growing up , man the food they went through. Do they have hollow legs or what?? Now Alex won't be a teenager for another couple of months ,but man can he put it away already. I'll make dinner and tell him that dinner is ready and before I know it, it's gone!! I mean HIS food . not everyone else's. I do remember a time when my teenage nephew was at the house and Alex had a run in with a bookcase and we had to take him in for stitches. My nephew Turner stayed at the house , and when we came home, ALL of the dinner was gone! Now mind you , I'm not making fun of my son whatsoever. It's just amazing how their appetites transform almost overnight! All you moms and dads out there that have teen boys or had teen boys know exactly what I am talking about. Somebody please tell me it slows down!! The grocery bill sure has been growing ... and growing... and growing. My husband always says he could be doing worse, which is true . I'm not complaining really , I find it humorous actually.
Before bowling yesterday , we did a little quick shopping. I needed to get my allergy meds at Walgreens and found chocolate covered Peeps. Now Jack loves Peeps. Has to have them every Easter. As a matter of fact , my MIL even continued to buy him Peeps for the first few years we were married . I thought he'd probably like a chocolate covered one, so I bought him one yesterday. I was informed more chocolate covered Peeps. I guess the verdict is in! LOL

I was in need of some new dishcloths so I crocheted these up this week. They sort of match my kitchen towels which are covered with coffee stuff. I think I might make me a couple more as I go through them a lot.

I had an ornament that I recently finished from JBW Designs that I had planned on posting today , but cannot find what I did with it!!!! It's just as well . I only had the stitching done, I didn't have it in finished form yet.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend with lots of R&R. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments and emails! I enjoy reading them all and enjoy getting to know you all a little more. Thanks for stopping by and visit again real soon!

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  1. CANDY!! I don't guess kids worry about it but those go straight to my thighs.

  2. Love the recent finishes you have posted! The summer house is gorgeous, and the bunnies were so cute.

    Enjoy your Spring deserve it!

  3. My son loves peeps. He eats his fill of them around Easter. I just love those crocheted dishcloths - I picked up a couple at last years fall festival and they are the best.

  4. Hungry boys - tell me about it and I have 2 of them - twins fast approaching teenage years in July ..... I think lock and key on the larder is the only solution especially as they now are taller than me and I have to stand on the bottom stair in the hallway to tell them off!!!
    We come to America every year for 'vacation' and have never come across Peeps - will be looking for them this year!

  5. Love your dish towels! And its not only teen boys who can empty a fridge--I think my soon-to-be teen DD eats twice what I do!

  6. Oh you are scaring me with the boy and grocery bill talk! I have three - 10,9 and 6!!

    I'll have to be on the lookout for those chocolate covered peeps! They look good!

  7. Those dishcloths are beautiful, love the colours :-)
    I am sure your stitching will turn up, probably when you least expect it!
    Enjoy your child-free week, our kids have another week of school and then they get two weeks off.
    We don't have peeps here so I am none the wiser, but as a general rule I am all for anything covered in chocolate :-)

  8. Chocolate Peeps? Think "smores" Jack!

  9. I really enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning. You've been a busy lady with your dishclothes, bunnies, boxes, and peeps. All you're stitching and finishing is beautiful!!

  10. Love those dishcloths! Very cute! I hear you on the teenage boy eating machine thing! My son is 15 and 6 feet tall and I can't buy enough milk or food.


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