Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Greetings everyone!~ Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. They are so great and encouraging!! First I'd like to talk about a couple of the comments. Catherine said that she hadn't ever tried a needle roll before. You should, they're great. Most patterns for needle rolls stitch up very quick. There are lots of small oblong patterns that would make great needle rolls. You should go for it! Jane mentioned that she had a couple of punch needle patterns in her stash but had yet to try them out. Punching can be fun and a lot of the time goes quicker than cross stitch. Although, I will never turn from my passion of cross stitch. As with anything , it does take some practice. Hazel will be trying it soon and I can't wait to see her progress!
Most of you know that my dad brings me treasures from time to time that he finds at yard sales and flea markets. I have a very sweet picture of him taken in 1931 when he was 3 months old , that I thought I would share with you all. Wasn't he a beautiful baby?

Here is the lated treasure I have gotten from him. Isn't this chair great?! Now it's too rickity to sit in. I have no idea how old it is. It makes a great resting spot for my little seasonal sheep. Ok Deb, notice that the spring blanket is on? The poor thing must be confused as I have his spring blanket on but his hangtag still says "winter"! LOL.

Here is my latest punch needle. I finished punching it yesterday and finished off into an ornament for the peg shelf. I see a thread at the botton that got pulled to the front that I forgot to clip. Oops!

This is the fabric on the back. It is a Williamsburg print. I just love it.

Well I will shuffle off and get going with my morning routine. Hope you all have a must wonderful day ! Thanks so much for all of the comments. You all are so great!
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  1. Oohh! Love that chair!! All your things look great!

  2. Forgot to add that I love old pictures! Just got some of my grandfather as a little boy! And yes, perhaps I will finally try my hand at a needleroll!

  3. What a need chair! As usual, your new finish looks nice. :) Your dad was a very charming baby indeed.

  4. Arghhh I'm scared, I'm scared. I have to iron the transfer on then learn the basics. Oh oh. Okay, I'm going to switch the iron on now :-(

  5. Love the new find from your Dad and his pic. Great finish, too!

  6. What a lovely pic of your dad and love the chair!
    Your finish is very cute, such beautiful colours :-)

  7. I see that Spring blanket! I noticed it the minute the picture came up on my screen. Way to Go!!! Spring definitely has to show up soon, doesn't it? Love the picture of your father! For some reason I think those pictures are greater than the ones they take now of children!

    Your punchneedle piece is great too! Something I've always wanted to try - one day!

  8. Love the pic of your Dad. Those old pictures are true treasures.

  9. Love the chair! The pic of your Dad is so sweet!! What a great finish. I've yet to try punchneedle. I guess I'm sort of avoiding it in case it becomes another addiction!

  10. What a great flea market find! I love the pic of your dad--what a treasure. :) Your punch needle looks great. My daughter is just learning but I don't think she's doing it right. When I've told her that I think something looks wrong & to watch videos on it, she laughs and continues with it. Oh well... I suppose as long as she's enjoying it, right?! Have a great weekend!

  11. Good Morning Sharlotte
    I am thrilled to see my name in your last post - thank you so much for your response.
    Your 'family' punchneedle is great and I am truly inspired to start punching soon - I am doing well on my Noah's Ark cross stitch picture so hopefully I can start very soon.
    Have a lovey day

  12. Great finishes, and what a beautiful baby picture of your dad! That is something to treasure!
    I've nominated you for a blog award- please stop by my blog to accept it! :)


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