Thursday, March 25, 2010

A finish and some posies

Howdy everyone!~ How's the weather your way? The weather here has been a little warmer with some sunshine. Don't know if we'll be seeing any sun today though. It started to rain last night and it is still coming down in spurts. I think it's been mostly a constant sprinkle. I can handle the rain over the low temps.
I have another finish to share. It's a freebie from Lizzie Kate. The fabric is a mystery count and type.I stitched it using DMC and Weeks Dye Works. I think I am going to get a little antique type heart charm to stitch on the pink patch and then finish it as the top of a little wooden box. I want to find just the perfect box and fabric for the lining.
With the rain, came some blooms. This was taken just outside the gate at my mom's house yesterday. I've been seeing jonquils coming up in the yards around and my mom's bloomed a little later than some others. Soon she'll have her other flowers in bloom . They will be so pretty. I can hardly wait for my neighbor's flowers to bloom. She has some really really pretty ones. I'm sure she'll be adding new ones this year.

I want to welcome all of my new followers and for all who feel that my blog is worthy of following. I feel blessed. Thanks for stopping by again today and for all of your wonderful comments, words of encouragement , and support. It means a lot! Come and visit me again real soon!

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  1. Another lovely stitch Sharlotte and a heart charm will be the perfect finish. Here in England its dark, gloomy and raining but the Spring flowers are all blooming and it's a pretty time of year ~ are jonquils what we would call daffodils???

  2. Jonquils and daffodils are of the same family , but I think the daffodils are a little larger. Anyone care to elaborate? Afterall, I don't claim to be an expert!LOL

  3. Your LK finish is just lovely. It will be perfect for a box.
    My doffodils are just starting to bloom. I love their bright cheery color after a long snowy winter. :)

  4. Lovely stitching :-) It will look great as a box top.
    Still no flowers in my garden yet but there are green shoots a plenty so hopefully something is on the way :-)

  5. Love the LK finish...cute as a button, and a little heart charm would be the perfect touch.

    Daffodils are my favorite, especially the miniature ones...they look like little ladies to me! LOL! Must be the "Alice in Wonderland" thing!!


  6. Lovely. Cant wait to see it on the box.

  7. Beautiful finish and flowers! I have this one finished also and have the perfect fabric to make it into a pillow- I just dread sewing. How pitiful is that? lol

  8. Lovely finish ! Daffidols are a sure sign of spring.

  9. Lovely finish! My daffodils are just coming up - but my neighbor's across the street are already blooming!

  10. What a fantastic finish! I admit, I have no idea what the difference is between a jonquil and a daffodil--thanks for figuring it out! I was out for a drive on Saturday with my mother and passed a cottage with a big front lawn filled with daffodils. It was beautiful! I wish I'd turned back right away to take a picture, because I drove further on and then couldn't figure out what road it was on, since nothing in the country is sign posted.


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