Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little progress on Stripes

Greetings all!~ What a nice day yesterday turned out to be! It was nice and sunny and the high was supposed to be 72. Not sure what it settled in at , but I'd say it was close to that. I got some housework done and some stitching as well. I dug out my "Stripes" from Shepherd's Bush ( no Jolene, I hadn't forgot I had it, just forgot where I put it! :) ) and put a few stitches into it. It will look really nice when I get it done. I'm thinking about the frame I will put it in already. Not sure just yet which one I will pick.

Also while going through things yesterday , I also found the JBW Designs Christmas ornament that I had lost. For some reason I had put it away with my fabric instead of finished pieces to be put in finished form. Go figure, huh? The linen is another "mystery grab bag" piece I got a while back. It is a little more loosely woven than I like to use for ornaments. It's almost like something you would use for a sachet, but I think it will work. I did change the color of the bunnies. They were charted to be stitched green. Green bunnies?! Now I know I stitched them around St. Patrick's Day , but there was no way I could live with green bunnies. I changed the color to a nice soft brown and I think they work a lot better. I will probably get it into finished form later this week.

I had a very strange dream last night. Seems like I've been having a series of those lately . Any of you ever do that? I've even been having dreams that have been sort of a continuation of a dream from the previous night , which to me, is very very odd and probably doesn't happen that often. I've even had dreams that have come true ( no I'm not saying I'm psychic) but boy oh boy , I hope these don't ! LOL! Well , with the exception of the one where I found a pile of diamonds! LOL . John Ritter was in that one. I had fallen asleep with the t.v. on and when I woke up, Three's Company was on. LOL. Funny how when we hear things in our sleep , how they work their way into our dreams.

I hear the spring birds outside. They've been flying around gathering things to build their nests. I wonder if they will build in our light fixture on our porch again. They did that about three seasons and then last spring, they didn't come back. They were a nuisense at first because they kept pooping on the porch , but when they didn't come back , I was sad.

Well , I hear the alarm going off , which means hubby will be getting up and I need to get off of here so we can start our day. Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day! Please come back again soon!

'till next time,

don't be a stranger,



  1. I hope you have a wonderful day, and the stripes will be very nice when framed.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Pretty stitches! Enjoy your day with hubby!

  3. Love your WIPs, Sharlotte! I would have had to change the bunnies to brown, too--green would have driven me crazy forever...

  4. The WIPs are coming along quite nicely. I love Shepherd's Bush and JBW designs too. I actually had the opportunity to meet Judy (JBW) at a stitching festival years ago...very sweet and gracious lady...and a wonderful designer.

    Glad you are enjoying your "me" time, but I bet you are looking forward to the boy child coming home!

    BTW: thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog...they are greatly appreciated!


  5. Love your SB piece. Those have got to be some of my favorites to stitch even though I haven't done too many of them lately. And green bunnies?? I think not - that would definitely look a little odd. Hope you have a wonderful day with your DH!!!

  6. Very pretty stitching Sharlotte!

  7. Love your WIPs, so pretty! Shepherd's Bush's designs are so unique.

  8. Those bunnies are so cute! I love jbw, though I don't own any and have not stitched any--funny how that is! :D

  9. Lovely stitching :-) Glad you found it again! And green bunnies would have been plain wrong, your brown ones are perfect :-)
    Was thinking of you earlier, made some of your yummy chocolate syrup x


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