Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy.....

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies~ Busy, busy , busy , that's how life can get sometimes isn't it? I've been serving for jury duty this week . You know how things get when you are away, the dishes stack, the laundry piles up, other things have to be tended know the drill. Now that jury duty is out of the way, I can get back on track and even have a little time to make a post .Things are finally starting to be a little normal.
Mother's Day was great. I got to spend a little time with my mom of course and also got to spend a little time with my sisters . The guys got me a little more for Mother's Day . The rose bushes were enough but I do like the new bird feeder hanging in front of the big picture window!! We've had lots of beautiful new friends flying by. In case you all were wondering, I did gt my mom's bellpull done in time for the big day. Here's a few pictures of that.

I think her favorite part is the sheep.:)

Well this time of year yields graduations galore and next week I have 3!! I just don't know if I can make them all. I would have 4 except my nephew's graduating in Wisconsin so I'll be missing that one! :( That's a real downer!

My son came home with a trophy from bowling yesterday and boy was he excited!! I forgot to take a snap of that this morning so I'll have to post one tomorrow. He turned 13 Tuesday and is very excited to be a teenager. It's funny because there was a part where all of us jurors were getting a little bored ,uh -hum, tired, with the long process that the judge started talking to us some and asking us questions and sort of teasing around to lighten the mood . He asked me if I knew what came next after 13 , and he said 16. He warned me that the years between 13 and 16 go by real fast and that all I will hear soon is when is he going to be able to drive or when can he get a car. Hmmm.... anybody think the judge has been through this before! LOL!


Well all, I am going to go for today. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments on all that awesome new stash from Shirley. I've been doing some playing when I've had the time. Maybe I might have something to show you tomorrow. :)

Hope you all have an awesome day!

'till next time,

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  1. You certainly have been busy Sharlotte ~ glad you have some 'me' time back again.
    Love the bellpull, my favourite part is the colourful bluebird with its lovely red breast, I'm sure your Mum was thrilled.
    Oh dear! I have 2 sons turning 13 this July, my daughter turned 16 back in Feb and the inbetween years were not too bad at all so I have everything crossed that boys will prove to be the same!!!
    Congrats to your Son on his bowling trophy
    x x x

  2. Hi Sharlotte,

    Congrats to your son, the trophy winner! How exciting for him. Your bell pull turned out great, I am sure your Mom will love that for years to come. Your roses on your header are pretty, I love the white, a pure sign of perfection. Have a great week catching up on the chores so you can get back to your stitching. Smiles....

  3. Nice to have you back :-) Congratulations to Alex on his trophy :-)
    The bell pull looks so beautiful! I bet your mom will treasure it. What a gorgeous finish.
    I really am not looking forward to the teenage years with my two. They are both strong willed and are enough of a handfull already! Help!
    Wish Alex a happy belated birthday from me.

  4. Congrats to your son on his trophy!

    I love your bell pull. It is beautiful.

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  6. Congrats to your son on his trophy! :)

  7. I love your bell pull Sharlotte. You did a wonderful job finishing it off.

    Good luck with all the graduation parties. We only have a couple to go to this year, but next year will be full! Congratulations to you son on winning the bowling trophy. And those years between 13 and 16 go by real fast - like a blur. I just went through it, and I'm about to go through it again. It's like they go from kid to adult over night.

  8. The bell-pull looks good; I can see why your mom likes the Sheep!

    It's good that your JD is all out of the way now, and Congrats to your Son on birthday and trophy!

  9. Your finish on the bell pull is gorgeous! Your mom must be thrilled.

  10. You have been a busy, busy girl!! The bell-pull turned out wonderfully!! Congrats to your son on his trophy!! Good luck and have fun with all those graduations!


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