Thursday, May 20, 2010

A little hen party

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ Wow! We have had so much rain here and I'm getting really tired of all it . Now watch, I say that , and when it is hot this summer and we have our dry spell, I'll want it! LOL.
I have been stitching away and playing in all my new stash . One of the things that I have stitched up is Hen Party from the All Dolled Up series from LHN. I was so excited to have received this chart from Shirley and I had so much fun working on this. The little feed corn are beads, how fun! Since there was a hint of red in the pattern, and also since I do have some other red in my kitchen, I thought I would frame it with a red mat. I think it turned out rather well!
Years ago, in 1986, there was a show that came on called "Our House" with Wilford Brimley , Deidre Hall, Shannen Doherty , Chad Allen, and Keri Houlihan. Do any of you remember that show? I LOVED that show when it was on and it only ran for two seasons. Anyway, there are several episodes uploaded on Youtube and I watched them while working on this . Now when I look at this in my kitchen , I'll think of that show I loved so well. Why can't there be shows on t.v. these days that had such great values as this one? ! I did work a little bit on this also while watching the movie "UP" with Edward Asner. Have any of you seen this movie? It was sooo cute, but sad in parts as well.
If you haven't signed up for the giveaway and would like to , please leave your t.v. show answers on yesterday's post. If you live outside the USA , you can still play . The answers can be found for the shows by anyone using the internet. You should give it a try! Also I will soon be organizing an exchange for the BBD stockings. I will be doing it through my blog until I see that there is enough interest to move it to a blog of it's own. There will be more to come on this so stay tuned!
Thank you all for all of you wonderful comments and lovely emails. I appreciate them all. Thanks for visiting today!
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  1. I would love to join in the
    BBD stockings exchange. I have one pattern that I recieved from a friend. This would be a great kick start to me getting that out and doing it. Will be waiting and watching for details.
    Hope your having a great day.

  2. Darling finish Sharlotte! I bet that looks really cute in your kitchen!

  3. Such a cute finish!! Love those little hens!

  4. What a cute finish - sounds perfect for your kitchen. You'll have to share a picture of it in its spot!

    I've haven't stitched one of the stockings yet - maybe it's the fear of finishing it - but perhaps an exchange will be the way to kick myself into gear!

    And yes, I do remember that tv show!

  5. Cute finish. I remember that show. I love Deidre Hall, miss her on DOOL.

  6. Very the frame with that red mat!

  7. Sharlotte that red mat is perfect for that piece. So cute!

  8. Hen Party is so cute! I love the red mat. I do remember Our House. I didn't watch it often, but I think my mom really liked it. I will have to tell her about it being on You Tube. :)

  9. I think your piece is wonderful. And I think that you picked the perfect frame for it!

  10. I loved "Our House!" I SO wanted to be Shannon Doherty! Obviously I had no life, and then Shannon took a turn for the worse, so it all worked out. ha!
    Very sweet finish for your kitchen. I like me some chickens in the kitchen. :)

  11. That is such a cute finish, Sharlotte--I've never seen it before! Great job on your stitching and the frame is wonderful with it :)

  12. What a sweet little finish, Sharlotte! Great job.

  13. What a nice finish. I love how the beads really look like corn.


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