Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pumpkin Blossoms are blooming

Greetings all!~ Pumpkin blossoms are blooming here in the Ozarks! Well , blooming in stitches that is! LOL! I borrowed the pattern from Catherine and she sent some fabric , floss , and beads , along with it! Wasn't that sweet?! I already had some fabric in mind for it so I will use that other linen on another project. I am excited that I have all of the stitching done. Now I just need to finish sewing on the beads and get it finished into a needlebook. Sorry the below pictures aren't that great. I think we are in desperate need of a new camera.

I have the stitching all done on the bellpull and also have the innerfacing ironed in place. I will get the finishing done it on either today or tomorrow. I'll post a picture of that when I get that done.


I recently asked on another blog if they kept a stitching journal. Do any of you? I am thinking about doing so. I have certain things that go through my mind while working on a piece. Things like maybe what that particular piece reminded me of, what I was thinking of at the time, you know those things. I do keep an exchange journal. What I stitch for someone and what I receive back. I include all details like fabric and fibers used as well as the goodies if there were anything. I am quite a newbie when it comes to exchanging. I haven't even done it a year. I am coming up on my 14th and contenplating what I will do. Hopefully I can find something that that certain someone will like.


Well dear friends and blogging buddies.... this post finds itself coming to an end. I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments that keep me going in this blogland of ours. Thanks for your visit today. Please do come again!

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  1. Your WIP is gorgeous, Sharlotte! I love the colors :)
    I started a stitching journal, and then I realized that my blog is a stitching journal in itself, as I post what fabric and floss I am using. I keep track of my stash in a 3 ring binder, especially my floss. :)
    Your blog always makes me smile and feel like I am in the home of someone special...thank you for that.
    Ma TK

  2. This is lovely Sharlotte. I keep a separate photo section for my x stitch but have never kept a journal of the projects . I wish I had.
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day.

  3. Lovely pumpkin blossom!

    I use my blog as my stitching journal. I did have a paper one to write the number of hours spent on a project, but I don't bother with time keeping any more.

  4. Ahhh, what a wonderful piece. I once received the finished needlecase in an exchnage and it looks gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing yours finished.
    Yes, I also have a stitching journal and write about everything I stitch. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes just a line. And I keep track of all my finishes, finishings, exchanges, gifts etc. in there. I love it.

  5. It looks fantastic Sharlotte!! You are one speedy stitcher! Can't wait to see it all finished up along with your bell pull!

    I have a notebook in which I jot down the year finished, the name of the piece and the name of the person it is going to. I hope to one day print it all nicely into a journal that I purchased last year. Since I have found the blogging world, I have started a second list of the wonderful goodies that have come my way through the generosity of others. That too will be added to the journal.

    I wish I was more organized in keeping the names of fabrics/threads/etc. that I used, but I haven't. Guess I should start that!

    Hope you have a stitchy day!

  6. Love is wonderful. Makes me dream of fall! Dianntha

  7. I can't wait to see these finished- so pretty and welcoming.

    I do keep a little log of what I stitch, on what, with what, and if I made any changes. I keep it all in a binder. It's helpful in case I ever have to make a repair, which I have had to do before.
    I've never done an exchange, but now is that the season of life for me to do that! When the kids are in high school I would love to join a group. It sounds like tons of fun.

  8. I love the colors in your Pumpkin Blossoms piece. I try to keep a journal of my stitching but often forget to write in it.

  9. I love this to me. Can't wait to see it finished...just love the colors.

    I do keep a calendar (on my 10th year) and record when I started/finished a piece, exchanges etc. I also note what I stitched each day. It's fun to look back and see which months were good for stitching and which weren't.

  10. Sharlotte, this is just lovely! :D

  11. I have a knitting journal. I keep notes on the project, changes I made to the pattern, who it was for, etc. I should probably have one for stitching too....that would make too much sense, right? lol


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