Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garage sale -flea market finds and some stitching

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I hope you all are having a wonderful day! It is going to be plenty hot here today. We had a little bit of rain yesterday and then it got really muggy. Such as it goes for this time of year.
Ocassinally I get out to some garage sales and flea markets. Here is a shelf that I picked up at a garage sale for $1. The ducks on the shelf came from dear ole dad, and the fishing lures are ones that have been retired from my husband's tackle box. The fishing kreel basket I found at a flea market for 75 cents. The fish ornament is exactly that. I got it a few years ago at Hobby Lobby and it seems to go so I hung it up. Not too shabby of an arrangement for less than 5 bucks!
I'm doing some exchange stitching right now , so I don't have those pictures to show. I did do a borrowing swap with Faye and I am using her Dec. stocking pattern from BBD and this is where I am so far on Snowy Eve. I'm about halfway there not including the finishing. I will probably do that later. For now, I wanted to get the stitching done while I still have the pattern in my hot little hands.

Do you ever stretch yourself too thin? I do that a lot and I do mean A LOT! I've started a lot of stitching projects and I don't really have to tell you all , you can see that! I have also signed up for a few more exchanges and then I turned around and set one up on my blog!! That's ok, I'll get them done. I just won't get much else done for a while. Wish the kiddo was on Summer break already and then I would have him do the housework while working on exchanges. He does do laundry and we have been working on cooking , but there isn't enough practice in really to just turn him loose. Know what I mean? Actually , now that I think of it, I have the stitching done for two exchanges so all I have to do is the finishing on those. Then I have two other exchanges to stitch up , so I guess that really isn't all that bad right?


Berit had mentioned a relish for grilled ears of corn in yesterday's comments and it really sounded good. I mentioned it to my husband last night when he got home from work and said he is definately going to try that next time we grill corn. Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments. I do enjoy reading them!! I will have an update on the quilt soon You all take care, stay cool, and make the best of your day!

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  1. Your display looks great!! I have some older fishing related patterns (I thought one day I might get around to doing something for my brother and never have) that I'll have to look for to send you.

    Grilled corn! YUMMY~

  2. Ug, I was just posting about wanting to find trift store goodies. I need to go shopping with some of you ladies.

  3. Hi Sharlotte! I do know what you mean about spreading yourself thin. I have a need right now to only work on finishes. I am looking at how old and how little needs done and doing them first. But then what do I do??? I start another doll's quilt. I could have just skipped this challenge quilt this time but

    We do not have garage sales in Holland and even if you can find old things they are never the prices you pay for them. Love your display!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Great garage sale finds! It's it fun to find things that you can use!

    I know what you mean about spreading yourself too thin. I'd love to do exchanges, but my life is so thin right now I'm just lucky if I can find an hour here or there to stitch. Maybe one day after the kids are out of the house. But then, you know, I'll get myself into other things - always the way!

  5. Oh, my it looks good! Especially that stocking start. I am a SLOW stitcher, so it's too easy for me to spread too thin! lol!

    As for the relish, I'm glad you're going to try it. We aren't allowed per the fire code to keep a grill here at our apartment, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll get the opportunity to try making it this season. The thing to remember is to make it in the morning and let it "infuse" itself for a while before eating so that it'll have max flavor, but I bet it'd be good immediately, too. I think you put like maybe a half teaspoon of salt for about a half cup or 3/4 of the relish. To taste, but make it a bit salty, like a little more salty than butter.

  6. Great grouping of fishing stuff !!! Hope you get all those exchanges stitched. You are one busy gal !!1

  7. I've not gotten to the point where I've stitched myself too thin. I avoid deadlines of any kind outside of work. Work is what grabs too much time now. I can't complain though as work is what enables me to do the things I love (and pay those pesky bills!).


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