Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh to be a kid....

Greetings all!~ Do you remember back when you were a kid? I know I often reflect back to then, sometimes I have to take a little longer these days , but I remember!! Mine has had quite an eventful week. We started out the week by him going to grandma's while I went to the court house . Not so bad right? Then he got his first bowling trophy on Wednesday afternoon and he was on cloud 9! Another good thing right? Well.... the story doesn't continue to go that great.

Last night we spent two hours in the emergency room at Sister's of Mercy. He had been riding his bike and he turned too fast and went flying! He banged up his knee pretty good and sprained his ankle pretty bad. They took x-rays and no brakes which we were really relieved about. He was in so much pain that we were all pretty sure he had broken or fractured something, especially because his foot was so swollen. One of our concerns were that if he had a break or fracture, we hoped it was not in the growth plate. The doctor said that his growth plate is still open and he will be doing so more growing, but that they can't see a fracture in the growth plate on an x-ray. Which she explained that if he is still in quite a bit of pain outside of 7 days , we need to follow up with his doctor as it would likely mean he did have a fracture. We are keeping our fingered crossed and our prayers lifted. Most likely he is okay though since it didn't turn all black.

I just had to do some playing in my new stash from Shirley! I just love this stocking from BBD July stockings pattern . I stitched it in a day and will be finishing it off this week. I think I will put it in my small bathroom. I'm slowly getting some patriotic things in there and I think this will work just fine. You still have me baffled Shirley with all that stuff you sent! You will never know how much I appreciate it!

I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine for you all, whether it be weather wise or just good things that come your way! Hopefully both!! Thank you all for your wonderful comments , support , and friendships! Please come and visit again real soon!

'till next time,

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  1. Your stocking is darling, I love the flag best. Sorry to hear about the mishap with your son, injuries can be scary.

    He looks pretty proud over that trophy, congrats to your son!!!


  2. OOPS! That's a spectacular knee. I'm 53 and still leave a blood trail when I go out cycling. It seemed so easy when i was a kid.

  3. Sorry to hear about your son. Hope he is doing okay!
    Wonderful little stocking. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Ouchie! Glad there weren't any breaks but I know from personal experience, sprains are pretty bad too.

  5. Ouch!!! I can feel the pain from here just looking at that knee!! I do hope he is feeling better. He looks great holding his trophy, but I guess that was pre-accident!

    Your stocking looks great!!

    Have a wonderful, un-eventful, stitchy, weekend!

  6. Love the stocking! That is a great pattern!! I know the kind of pain that can occur from a bad sprain! I sprained my ankle really badly last winter, and I swore I'd broken it, the pain was so bad I almost passed out in the car on the way to the ER!! Hope he feels better soon!

  7. Whew! I'm glad his injuries weren't worse than that! You certainly are a fast stitcher, Sharlotte!! That new stocking looks good. I can't recall if I've see you finish one stocking-style before--have you done it that way yet?

  8. My knees were perpetually bleeding when I was that age. I still have huge scars on my knees from all the accidents! Not as cute on a girl as charming on a boy. :) Your stocking is lovely! You are so fast!

  9. Glad he's doing ok now! Stocking looks great!

  10. Ouch! Hope he is feeling better. Glad there weren't any breaks. That stocking is really, really cute!!

  11. Awww, poor guy! I'm sorry to hear about the bike spill--I hope it isn't a fracture. Nice stocking!

  12. So sorry to hear about your son's accident! I hope that all is going well! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


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