Friday, May 28, 2010

A this and that post

Greetings all!~ My but it's been hot here. How about where you are? It will , of course, get hotter as we aren't even into the hottest months of July and August yet! This weekend will be it's busy usual for a lot of you and ,as always , you have to be careful out on the road. Yesterday , while watching the news, we seen something that was actually a little funny . I'm sure some of you saw the same thing. Part of a Grecian highway was closed for two hours while there were literally , millions of frogs crossing the highway looking for food. They had reported that the highway was closed due to three vehicles had alread skidded off of the road trying to miss the frogs. I think it was a good idea to close the road as if you think about it, that many frogs getting flattened at the same time would create a lot , and I do mean A LOT , of frog guts . You know that would be slick to drive on and create a very bad scene!

Our nation had some very bad news this week as we learned of the passing of dear Art Linkletter, he was 97. I remember watching shows with him on it as I grew up. Some of you probably remember the specials that would come up from time to time. He , of course , was the host of "Kids Say the Darndest Things" and he was a guest off and on of the rivival of that show , hosted by Bill Cosby several years back. He was definately a television icon and will be missed.

This time of year is busy with tons of graduations. This year , my nephew Ben took his turn. I , unfortunately , didn't get to go to his graduation as he lives in Wisconsin and we couldn't make the trip. Here he is with his longtime girlfriend Aspen. He baught her a promise ring not too long ago, let's see where that leads! Way to go Ben, and congratulations, we're all proud of you!!

I'm coming in on the home stretch of Bent Creek's Patriotic Row. It really looks great in real life and I can hardly wait to finish it up!!

This is one of my very favorite patterns from Carriage House Samplings. I was going to wait until I had some things freed up and my time on my hands to start it , but you know me!

Yep! I started it! Here's my progress so far. Not much , but I've worked on it enough to know that I am absolutely in love with this linen. The needle glides so easliy and the stitches go fast!
See the little snake down in the bottom corner? Trust me, a fabric and thread snake is the only one I'll get near!! LOL.

Well, the only plans we have for this weekend , is to stay out of the Memorial Weekend traffic!! It will most likely be spent at home doing the usual weekend laz-about! My favorite!! :) I will porbably will get to trucking some more on my 9 patch quilt as well.
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend!! Thanks so much for taking the time to come by today and for all of your wonderful comments. I do so look forward to reading them and to your visits. Hope you come again real soon!
'till next time,
don't be a stranger,
****Edited to include: If you would like to take part in tne Blackbird Designs Stockings exchange, please let me know via email and include your name, mailing address and blog url if you have one. Also your preferences as to what holiday stockings you would not like to receive, i.e. Halloween, Christmas, etc. Monday , May 31st, is the deadline to sign up. Thanks!


  1. Your BC Patriotic Row is looking really cute! Good luck with VoHRH! I love this series, have yet to stitch any of them but do have Autumn in my stash and I'm beginning to get itchy fingers to start it.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Love the Bent Creek piece. And love your new start even more. What fabric are you using?

  3. Your start on VoHRH is making me think about pulling out mine and working on it again. I think it's my favorite of all that Kathy designed. I went great guns, gone the first block stitched and then never picked it up again. Love your Bent Creek piece too. And I didn't know that Art Linkletter died!! Where have I been? I remember watching him when I was small - those kids always came up with the darndest things.

  4. I love your start on the CHS design I REALLY want to buy this design as the first and last project of the year for myself. I just love that design. BC looks great also.

    We are finally warming up in our area, we have had alot of rain and chilly weather. One of the ski resorts is even open for skiing but it wont last long becasue its going to be 80 down here :) I am so excited for it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Yes it sure is hot here in Missouri! I am drenched in sweat just walking to the car from the house...the humidity is terrible. I love your start on Villages, what are you stitching it on? I am using the called for fabric with DMC and am currently working on my 6th block, will have that finished later today I think. I have been meaning to ask you did you frequent The Thread Peddler or Leslie's Carousel when they were both open here?

  6. Peg- I am using 28 count pearl linen in natural from Zwiegart. It is a dream to stitch on! IN know that the design will be large with it being on 28count , but with the eye trouble , there's not much I can do about it. I did go into The Thread Peddler and miss it a lot. I know of Leslie's Carousel but was never in there. Was it the one in Bolivar? As far as a actual stop that I go to now, I frequent Cecilia's Samplers in Branson. They have quite a bit in there and I always walking away with a little something. The Quilt Sampler and Simply Fibers here in town carry Weeks Dye Works ( QS also carries Valdani) and I usually get mine at one of those three places. There is a new yarn store in town, well at least I just now found it, called A New Yarn and I haven't been in there yet. With so many yarn stores carrying punch needle supplies, I am hopeful that they will have some oeverdyes as well.

  7. Nice job. I knew you and other stitchers would inspire me. I picked up the needle again this week and it felt good. However, I'm seem quick!

  8. Too funny - road closure due to possible slippage on frog guts!

    Art Linkletter - now, that's what I call real reality tv! I loved that Kid's Say the Darndest Things!

    Your stitching looks great! I'd love do stitch the HRH piece someday. I need to finish some of the current things I have going. I used to be a one piece at a time stitcher, now I have about 5 things going at once!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Those frogs are hilarious! We have a bullfrog that has taken up residence in our pool, and no matter how much chlorine we put in, he still swims every night and makes a ton of noise. We have to fish him out with the net everyday and put him in the garden. :) I can't wait to start a HRH piece. I am making myself wait until I finish Sarah Woodham and the Christmas pieces.

  10. Hi Sharlotte...just became a follower. Found you through Edgar's blog. Your work is beautiful.
    - Saw the story tonight about the frogs...ewwww! There is a tree frog that calls so loudly for his/her heart throb that we have had to close the windows to the front of the house! I actually jolted awake one night thinking the alarm clock was going off (I don't set one).
    Sure is hot here in Kentucky but I like the heat!
    Have a great weekend!!

  11. Patriotic Row is looking great Sharlotte and I will be watching your progress on Village. I am itching to start Shores but have so many others on my plate right now. I AM trying to decide what linen to use and just can't decide. I know it won't be 40 ct anything though. LOL

  12. It is hotter than Hades here too. We don't have to watch for frogs but it is turtle egg laying season and so we have to be careful for htem.
    Patriotic Row is coming along nicely.
    Love your start on Hawk Run

  13. I love your new start! I have this in my stash along with Autumn and I just orders Houses. I love them all! The little fish are so cute! You're making good progress on Patriotic Row. I hope to have some time to do some sewing, knitting and stitching this weekend and I hope you do too!

  14. Great start on VaHRH. And I love how Patriotic Row is looking, the Bent Creek patterns are so much fun!

  15. The Village is a wonderful start, like all the HRH designs. I wish I could stitch some more on my Houses, but for doing this I had to stop sitting at the computer and reading blogs, lol.


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