Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

Greetings everyone! So have you worn yourselves out with all the Christmas hustle and bustle yet? It's such a busy time , but thank goodness it can be very delightful. I went to my sister's annual Christmas Tea and forgot to take the camera! Shame on me! Anyway we had a delightful time. I seen people I knew and met some new ones. The food was wonderful as always. My sister read 'A Cup of Christmas Tea' that she reads every year after everyone has finished eating. If you haven't read that yet, it's a little poem that was turned into a short book.It's a great read and reminds of the importance of the elderly in our lives. We then shared our favorite Christmas memories and traditions and let me tell you, there was barely a dry eye in the house when we were done!

We were at Walgreens not long ago and found the Charlie Brown tree from the Christmas special. We love Charlie Brown and the tree came home to live with us. You can't see it in the picture very well but my husband took some 'pine needles' that had come off of our official tree and sprinkled them along the bottom of the Charlie Brown one to give the same illusion of the one from the show that keeps loosing it's needles. I thought that was cute.Here's our little tree.

I bet I haven't picked up a stitching needle in over a week! I have been busy doing other things to get ready for Christmas . One thing I have been working on is socks for my mother -in-law. I got the first pair done. I get frustrated when the striping doesn't come out the same on both socks. Seems like in order to do that you almost have to unwind the second ball down a long way and start there. Too much of a waste. I wish they could start and end a skein in the same colorway spot! I guess it will be okay though, I know she won't mind. I at least know she likes the colors in them as I had made myself a pair from the same colors and she liked them a lot .

I have removed the playlist from the blog for a bit. I haven't gotten much traffic on the blog lately and was thinking that maybe you all were getting burned out on the music. I may put it back on a couple of days or so before Christmas, we'll see.

Hope you all have a splendid week!

'til next time,



  1. That looks just like the Charlie Brown Tree!!!

    Have a wonderful (and hopefully relaxing) week of Christmas preparations.

  2. The Charlie Brown tree is so funny, I loved those X-mas specials on tv as a kid. And the socks turned out so cozy looking, I love the colors on them!

  3. Socks are so cool. Cute little tree. It's not the music slowing down the traffic. It's the lack of time people have to be on the computer this time of year. Music always brightens the soul in my mind... :)

  4. I don't think your music is scaring people away, though I will admit that I do like players better when they are set to "off" and the visitor clicks play if they want to hear the music posted there. I often am listening/watching something else while surfing the web and reading blogs, and having a second thing pop up and then have to be turned off is irritating.

    A Christmas Tea--that sounds like so much fun! For my part, I don't have much online time right now, and only put up my tree last night. Even so, I still have more decorating to do!

    I think your socks are looking really great. I understand how it frustrates you about how the stripes lay, but I think it's kind of nice because it adds a homespun feel. I LOVE that yarn you've used--I've been wishing I could knit socks (I only really know crochet) for a while now, and even went so far as learning to knit a square which rolls up into a tube, lol!

  5. Christmas Tea sounds interesting and delightful! My favorite tea is "oolong", what is yours? The Charlie Brown tree is "perfect" and I mean that in every way. Love it! I actually like the fact that your socks are not "perfect" mates, I think that shows personality and I like the colors, too. Take care.

  6. That Charlie Brown tree is adorable!! Love the socks, too. Your MIL will love them.

  7. Jolene,
    My favorite is Cranberry Cove. I like Orange Spice too.Thanks for the comment on the socks and the tree. We really wanted to decorate 'Charlie Brown' this year, but the tree was as far as we got! :)

  8. Your Charlie Brown Christmas tree is just precious. I've never knit socks with yarn that stripes like that. I've always wondered just how you get them to match.

    I still have so much to do for the Holidays...it's the mad dash!

  9. I think the socks are great just the way they are!
    Music doesn't bother me, I just keep my pc muted because I am usually watching tv with the hubby when I do my blog reading. Merry Christmas!


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