Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some mail arrives

Greetings all! I received some great mail this weekend from Amy , my partner for the HOE/ HOE II Christmas ornament exchange. She sent me , not one, but two! I've seen the tree before and have thought about stitching it , but I had never seen the santa before. It was a very different and unique finish for him I think. I like them both Amy, thank you!

Well, do you have your shopping done yet? Not me, although I have gotten a start on some socks for my mother-in-law. I am using number 2 Crystal Palace bamboo. I love using them. I had to make a quick trip to yarn store the other day though because I had laid the project down on the floor, close to the edge of the recliner where I thought they would be out of the way. I went into the kitchen to fix myself a cup of cappuccino, came back to the living room and stepped on it. Well, with the needles being bamboo, I broke one of them! I quickly called up the store and luckily she still had a couple of sets and put one back for me to pick up. Carol is always so accommodating.

The other day , I looked out of the kitchen window and there was our crazy dog,Brittney, sitting on a railroad tie that we have along the bottom of the fence. It was so funny that I had to run and get the camera. She does some goofy stuff sometimes. I thought it was cute anyway. We keep the railroad ties along the fence line because she likes to dig a lot . We don't want her crawling under the fence and getting into the neighbor's yard. Our neighbor is a botanist . She and the others she works with are trying to grow plants the are becoming exstinct in our area so that they can transplant and promote more growth. Can you imagine if our dog got over there and dug them all up! Aye-ya-yi !

Thank you all again for all of your nice and wonderful comments! I hope you all get a chance to make a few of the chocolate spoons. They are really great!

'til next time,


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  1. The socks look wonderful. That is one thing I will never attempt! I have got to get back to learning to quilt once the holidays are over.


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