Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long time no post!

Greetings all! I hope you all are doing well! I could hardly believe that it has been since the 18th that I made my last post! One sure can get wrapped up in the busyness this time of year brings! I'd like to start the post off by sharing a wonderful personal exchange I received in the mail yesterday from Jolene! She stitched me this great floss tag! It is perfect and I love all the colors in it, they are so me! The fabric on the back is a paisley print and oh so perfect for the front! She also sent some wonderful fabrics, some wonderful embroidery scissors with a cute little fob, a Shepherd's Bush kit , titled "Stripes", ( yes I had to take a few stitches right away!) and some great chocolates. Those that are pictured are what was left after I had began to scarf them down, and realized I must get a picture before they were all but gone! Thank you so much dear friend, I will treasure it all always!!!

Here is a closer look at Jolene's wonderful work of art! I think the edging is some type of chenille.Anyway, it's really soft and took hours to put on I know!

I have been a little busy working on a sweater for my little great niece. Her name is Jocelyn . She is 4 months old, and just the sweetest little thing. Her older brother, Jaden (20 months old) , is quite jealous of her I think. The other day we were visiting them at my sister's house and while she was holding the baby and feeding her , he began to throw Hotwheels, toys, and anything else he could pick up at my sister. Well that didn't sit well with her so he got sent to bed for throwing cars at the baby and Grandma. Later, my nephew's wife Becca, went in to check on him and she starting yelling, "Oh my God, what did you do? Bobby , I need you, and bring a vacuum!" We knew that didn't sound good. That little stinker had dumped the litter box in his sister's bed and had the floor vent pulled up and was pooring it down the vent! That is one busy boy, that one! Well on to the sweater. I had started it some time back and I'm glad that it is still big enough to fit Jocelyn for a little bit.

Here is a little closer shot. I find it so hard to embroider on something crocheted, so it doesn't look the greatest , but I still think it will do.

Here is another pair of socks that I knitted for my mother-in-law. They got snowed in and still haven't made it up so it may be a while before she gets them!

We all spent Christmas Day at my brother's house this year. He and his girlfriend and their roomate did all of the cooking. A very nice break for my mom.They had everything that you could think of. They insisted that no one do clean up . Just sit and relax they said. Me and another sister snuck off to the kitchen and did the dishes. It was nice to get to talk to her one on one . She and her husband and their family live in Wisconsin where he pastors and they usually can only make it down once or twice a year. Usually when they come down, something major happens with one of his parishioners and he has to go back by himself. They have learned to bring two cars.

Well, we have taken down most of the Christmas decorations and we are going pretty much in full gear toward the New Year. It has been so cold here that hubby says he'll wait to take down the outside lights. I can't say as I blame him. Not only has it been cold, but very windy. We were excited that we had a white Christmas .It was just a blanket of snow, but at least it was some color!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

'til next time,

happy stitching,



  1. Glad to see a fun post like this. Reminds me to go stitching and then post this week. Ugh. Will I ever get good at this?!

  2. What nice gifts Sharlotte! The sweater for your great niece is just beautiful! I think the embroidered flowers are lovely!

  3. What a lovely exchange. Her colors are beautiful.
    The sweater you knitted is so lovely. What a lucky little girl.

  4. Lovely gifts that you received and are giving!

    I love the embroidery on the little jacket. Those little "imperfections" make it a much more personal gift than some "perfect" factory made item.

  5. Such beauties for the eyes! Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to take down the decorations (but more focusing on New Year's cleaning) myself.

  6. Beautiful work! Wow, he did all that at 18 mos? I hope he gets over his jealousy soon- Hanna is still jealous of David once in a while but she never did anything like that. lol


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