Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm gonna kill me a dog!!!!....

Well ok, I'm not really going to but man when we awoke at a quarter after 2:00 this morning to hearing our son telling her to be quite because of her barking, I wanted to! It was really cold last night so we brought the dogs in ,which we almost never do. Our dog Daisy had started barking in the kitchen extremely loud. We ran into the kitchen and she was barking at the dishwasher.She had managed to turn the dishwasher on and I guess it must have scared her, and she was going ape! Our son already had the camera and was taking pictures of the mess she had been making. Some time back I had posted a picture ( and thank God I took one!) of a basket from Bent Creek that I had stitched. Here is what it looked like.

This is what is left of it after Daisy got a hold of it last night while we were sleeping!

I'm not likely to find another little basket to re-stitch it as Michael's doesn't sell them anymore. At least the local one here doesn't.

Before we went to bed , she had already broken one of my favorite mugs when she whacked it off of the china hutch with her tail! That thing is like a whip I tell ya! She had smacked me with it several times last night and left welts that are still sore this morning!

...and here is the culprit!

We had put up a wooden palet last night to keep the dogs contained from the living room.Good thing we did .Can you imagine what she would have done to the tree?! Everyone would have known what they got for Christmas too no doubt. She'd be packing her bags if she had done that! Well, probably not, but I would have strongly considered it! By the way... she spent the rest of the night outside! It's funny because what little sleep I got after all that, I had a dream that I went to a support meeting for damage dogs do. I met another stitcher there. Can you can who that was Carolyn? Isn't it crazy what we dream?

Well dear blogging buddies, I hope your day goes well. At least may it be better than mine!

'til next time,

happy stitching!



  1. Yeah, I would have been close to drastic action too, if I had a dog that did that in my house! You have great self control--congrats!



  2. I understand you wanting to save them from this cold weather. Now look at the grief you were rewarded with!

    I let our big OLD dog in last night due to the cold. Our other two big dogs were in the laundry room where the could go out if needed. Saves me work!

  3. I feel so sorry for you both! What a tragedy! And, of course, her face looks so contrite! Sigh! I'll have a look at our Michael's next time I go to see if I can see any of those baskets.

  4. Oh poor Daisy. She just couldn't help herself! Maybe she needs a support group for naughty dogs :)

  5. At least the needlework on the basket didn't look too damaged. Poor Daisy, how funny the dishwasher could freak her out so bad.

  6. Oh goodness, sorry for the loss of the basket and the mug!! Poor thing must have been frightened so much, and they can certainly reak havoc when they are that way. Glad your needlework didn't get damaged!!

  7. I love the basket Sharlotte!! Have a merry Christmas with your family !

  8. Eek! At least the stitching wasn't damaged!

  9. I hope you can find a basket somewheres. My dog is an indoor dog and glad of that lol. I would have been mad.

  10. OH MY GOSH!!! I would have freaked out, too. Believe it or not, I have a basket like the one poor doggy destroyed....I will mail it to you along with some "replacement" goodies (you know what I'm talking about). I will put it in the mail on this Thursday, hopefully you will have it for Christmas.

  11. Oh no! Your poor basket and mug!

    I'm glad the dog survived!

  12. Good grief - destruction on four legs! Well, the basket at least looks like the needlework is still intact...

  13. Oh my! Is Daisy back in the good books yet? I'm glad that the needlework seemed to survive intact, she certainly did a good job on shredding the basket!


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