Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yesterday's post....

Greetings all. I had several comments yesterday about the needlework seeming to be intact . I thought I would try to get a couple of upclose pictures of the damage to it. It still doesn't seem to show it well but I think you tell a little better in these pictures. The front and the side is torn in the linen itself, not just the cording.

In this picture I think you can tell a little better that the 'A' block has holes in it. There is also a mick in the button from one of her teeth.I didn't take a picture of the underneathe side, but there are several places where the wood from the lid is chipped away. I'm glad that it's a quick stitch and I will probably re-stitch it sometime in January when life isn't ( hopefully) so hectic.
btw.... Daisy is doing well outside, it's not too cold .When she looks up at me with that look, it's kinda hard to stay mad . :)
'til next time,
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  1. Well, maybe you can salvage it somehow?

    I think your doggies want a crate for Christmas. They can sleep in it warm and safe at night while keeping momma's stuff safe too. ;)

  2. Ooo... a crate, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe because of their size.Daisy's a great dane/ boxer and Brittney's a black lab/ great pyrinese. I'll talk to hubby and see what he says.Thanks for the idea!

  3. At our Walmart, they have XLG crates and not too badly priced. They should have plenty of room to curl up for the night.

  4. On the upside of trying to salvage this piece, you could distress it and make it look primitive and time worn. You might find by doing this that you and your dog completed this project together!!! A bad memory made good????

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  6. Glad that the light of day is bringing new perspective. I am so sorry about your loss. I wish I could do something to help you, aside of adopting your dog. Your right, at least it will be a quick stitch. I don't know if I should share this thought but anyway, maybe you could make the old one into a stuffed chew toy for the dog considering it liked it so well. I guess you both have good tastes in stitching. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Look forward to seeing your new piece after the first of the year.

  7. At least you are positive about it....
    It could be worse...a sampler or other big piece that you had spent many months on. It is a very cute design. It looks like it would be fun to stitch again. I will keep an eye out at my Michaels for one of those baskets for you. I don't think I have seen them in awhile though. Jolene has a good idea.... :)

  8. Today's pics do show the damage more clearly. You seem to have a wonderful attitude about it (and the dog is still alive)!

  9. Oh yes, I see now that the stitching didn't get away as lightly as I thought! Glad Daisy is doing okay outside.


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