Friday, February 12, 2010

Little House Garden Gameboard finished!

Happy Friday everyone!~ First off I have to brag on my kid. I'm intitled to that right? He bowled an awesome 424 sieres yesterday with one game alone being a beautiful 178! Congratulations Alex!!!
I finished the Garden Gameboard yesterday and thought I would share it real quick. I finished into a minture quilt to hang on a shelf. I would have taken a picture of it on the shelf , but it's in a close spot so there wouldn't be a good way to get a good shot of it. The shelf is kinda hard to put back up, so there you go.

Yesterday Berit had asked about how Flylady was going. It's moving along, a little behind this week but not too bad. I keep meaning to post what my control journal looks like so you all can get an idea , but everyone's would be different of course to fit their lifestyle. She also asked about the fabric count for the Fruit Gameboard. Or was it the Just Nan piece? I wasn't 100% sure. Anyway , on the gameboard I am using 28 count tea colored monaco evenweave, and for the Just Nan piece I'm using 28 count natural linen.
That's today in a nutshell folks! Hope you all are planning an awesome Valentine's Day. Look forward to hearing from you all on Monday. Thanks for the visit and the comments!
'til next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. Ooh; pretty!!

    I was actually asking about the gameboard, but I'm also glad to hear about the JN. :) I *think* my favorite stitching is either 1/2 on 36 count or 2/2 on 28 count evenweave. But, of course I'm such a newbie that my tastes keep changing really fast!

    Congrats on a great finish; I'm moving my desk today; better finish that up!

  2. So pretty!! I am slacking in my flying- need to get on the ball- esp. when it comes to making my bed and laying out my clothes- the simplest things!

  3. The color of that fabric goes perfectly with the game board. You finished this one quick, Good job!

  4. Love it, Sharlotte! Your fabric choice is ideal :)

  5. Congrats to your son! And congrats on your finish! It is really pretty!

  6. Congratulations on finishing another beautiful piece of needlework- and thank you so much for the Red Heart exchange you sent me- I love it!
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Very cute! Congratulations to Alex!

  8. Really gorgeous work. And great accomplishment for your son. Really nice to read. I am now your follower. My blog is about crafting once in a while, and a little about the old property we live on. I like to say it ain't for sissies. Thanks, Keri


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