Monday, February 22, 2010

Hubby's turn and a little new stash

Happy Monday everyone!~ Well I'm back with a short post today. Even though I'm not stitching much I couldn't resist grabbing some new stash! I got another one of those $1 a package snippets of linen assortments . See the one up front there? It's called "Haunted" and hubby has already threatened to swipe that one! I'll probably cave and let him have it! :) I also picked up another punch needle. This punch needle is from Pine Mountain Designs and I will put it in the family/game room when I get it done. Isn't it cute?!

Now some of you know that my husband Jack stitches a little too. He started this piece from a kit a while back. He first started it on the aida that was provided. He decided that he didn't like aida , so he swapped it out for some evenweave and of a larger count. That meant that he wasn't going to have enough floss, so we did some color matching to DMC and now he is all set and stitching away. Here is his new progress on it. Sorry the picture isn't very clear.

This is what the finished product will look like. The picture here doesn't show the Northern Lights as pretty as the model does. Sorry about that.

Well, I have been posting a few comments on blogs here and there as I can see to do so. I have also been doing a little knitting as I was able to develope a knack for knitting without having to look at my work much while doing so some time back. That helps out with the eyestrain, for me anyway. I did start punching a little on the punch needle project I just got, but I did have to put it down. Oh well, hopefully I can pick it back up soon!
I do have some good news though! I won the giveaway for LHN's Winter Wonderland over at Dixie Samplar Designs , thanks Terri! I can't wait to get it! Didn't do much over the weekend except laundry and picking up around the house some, and dream about what I want to start and when .
Well that's it for me today! Thank you all for stopping by and for your wonderful comments! I do so look forward to them.
'till next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the stash but especially the log cabin pattern!

  2. Lovely new stash. Can I ask you a question? With the punchneedle kit do you get everything you need to complete the piece or do you need a separate tool of some kind? Is it easy? I have seen some on With my Needle that I quite fancy. x

  3. Congrats on your win! Love your DH's project too. Did you get your $1 linen assortment from Picture This Plus? I know "Haunted" is one of their goodies.

  4. Hubby's stitching is looking great! I wish Rob liked to stitch. I know I have probably told you that before!! Your new stash is great- I love those fabrics. :) Congrats on your win- that is the pattern Terri won from me so I feel like I gave it to you too.. hee hee.. maybe it can become another "sisterhood of the travelling pattern!"

  5. OOh; a dollar for all that!? I wish my LNS had such steals!

    Your DH's project is very nice (and a BAP, too!). I don't think I've got what it takes to carry off such an ambitious project! Please show us more as the aurora develops.

  6. Lovely fabric stash.
    Good for hubby. Welcome him to the stitching community or as my DH says "cult" LOL.
    Nice project he has picked to start.
    Hope the eyes are doing much better and you are back stitching soon.

  7. Love the fabric! My husband did some stitching years ago - I guess that's why my boys aren't afraid to try it.

  8. Great fabric haul! :) Tell your husband great job on the stitching--it looks like a great project!

  9. That's a great fabric haul! I just saw that fabric, Haunted, used for a Market Release. Had never heard of it before, but I like it. I think it's so cool that your husband stitches too. I think men would relax a lot more if they could get into the hobby. Although, I don't think I could see my husband doing it - he's all thumbs! LOL

  10. Nice stash and congrats on the win! Your DH is doing a wonderful job!

  11. Great deal on that fabric, Sharlotte. I sure wish I could interest any of my family members (male or female!) in stitching. It would be fun to have someone who shares your passion for stitching!

  12. that's cool that your husband is a stitcher but I'm not sure I'd want to share my stash, LOL!!!

  13. Great new stash and your dh's stitching is wonderful :)


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