Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little finish and some reflection

Greetings all!~ Since I have all this down time with stitching , I thought it would be good time to do some finishing on things I've had sitting for a while. Below is American Star from Blackbird Designs. I know I have shown this before , but some of my new readers out there haven't seen it yet. I stitched it on 28 count oatmeal evenweave using DMC , WDW, GAST, and CC. I decided to finish it into a bourse, this time for myself. The liner fabric is from Thimbleberries' Harvest Home, and the other fabric is from Kansas Troubles' Stitches on the Oregon Trail.

I think the outside is missing a little something. Perhaps buttons at the corners, but I didn't have any that I liked that I had enough count of. I didn't want to use different ones at each corner because I thought would make it look more primitive than I wanted it to. I'll save the button thing for later I suppose.
Yesterday Marjorie had asked if I got my $1 grab bag linen at Picture This Plus. No , I got it from a local needlework shop called Cecilia's Samplers. Between visits , I've nearly wiped them out of those bags! LOL!
Yesterday I heard the song "In My Life" from The Beatles. It put me in some what of a reflecting mood. Mostly about births and deaths that have occured during my lifetime. When it comes to births they were all memorable , but there are two in particular that are still so vivd. My own son's birth of course and my brother's birth. I was 11 when my youngest brother was born. He was unexpected as my mother got pregnant during "the change". When he was born he was 10 lbs-10 oz. She had to have a c-section ,which was her first time having one. All of the rest of us were born natural and some a little too fast! (My dad delivered 3 of my siblings at home because mom had pretty fast labor.) I did a lot of the caring of him while she healed .It's hard to heal from a c-section, let alone when you're 41. I still baby him to this day. The deaths , I remember those all pretty vividly. All of my grandparents are gone and I miss them a lot. The same month that my dad's mother died ( which was my last grandparent to pass on) one of my brothers died of cancer. Needless to say , that was tough time . When my father -in-law passed away , it was totally unexpected, it's still like a dream sometimes.I started thinking about all the changes that go on over the years .Isn't it funny how a song can stur up so much thought and emotion? Well enough of my rambling on that .
Thanks for you visit today and I hope to join the "cult" , (as Kathy A's husband says), of stitchers real soon.
'til next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. I think it's good that you're finishing things up while you take a stitching break. I've never seen or heard of a bourse being a new stitcher. What is it used for? Your BBD is wonderful!

    I enjoy knitting but have not managed to learn to do it without looking!

  2. American star is lovely and I think the button will be a perfect finish!

    That $1 grab bag sounds awesome! And from the looks of it, you get some great fabric!

    I know what you mean about music and remembering. Isn't it funny how certain songs just get you to reflect? Songs that I have not heard in years can take me back to places that I had forgotten about.

    Hope the eyes are doing a little better...keep those finishes coming!

  3. What a great finish! Music can definitely trigger some strong emotions!

  4. The postcard thing? Simple. Just email me your address and WE will trade state postcards. Nothing else to it at this point.

    I suggest if you want do the same thing with your readers, blog about it and maybe you'll have some of them trade with you (like I am doing).

    I'm looking into ideas of how to expand this search of mine. Updates on that later. Right now I hope others will tell their readers to check out my post.

  5. Brilliant finish and love the way you've finished it as well. xx

  6. I'd never seen this piece before--from you or anywhere else! What a looker!! :D I especially like how the border has different motifs, but it's not so noticeable at first glance! I also love the interior liner you chose. Regarding buttons, do you have 2 pair that you like? If you set them on the diagonal from each other it would alternate nicely when cinched up, like a tiny checkerboard! :D

  7. Sometimes reflecting is a good thing. Love the American Star piece. Hope you're feeling better now.


  8. I love your bourse. Perhaps some buttons would be just the finishing touch - but it's beautiful as it is! Sometimes reflecting can be a very good thing - it's amazing that a simple song can stir up memories.

  9. Love your bourse...cute finish for that design.

  10. That song is one of my favourites, the words can stir up so many memories. Love your finish! It's beautiful!

  11. What a wonderful finished finish! I love your bourse.

    It's funny how songs can stir up memories, isn't it? My youngest brother is 9 years younger than I am and I baby him a bit, too. I adore the socks off him. Love my other brothers, too, of course, but Tim has a special place in my heart.


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