Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In My Garden

Greetings all ~ I hope this finds you all having a lovely day! I am just making a quick post this morning so show a little start on Shepherd's Bush In My Garden Needleroll that I picked up this weekend. This will be it finished....

....and this is my humble little start on it.

I'm not very far yet, but I have had lots of projects buzzing in my head. That mixed with lots of early morning this week and that leaves me too pooped to get much done. I've gotta get buzzing around this house too, before it gets harry!
Edgar had mentioned on his blog Monday that he and his pal Dale had went to some Estate sale where the lady obviously had had a serious case of startitis. I know that disease far too well! Makes me think that I really SHOULD try and finish up some things that I have started before I tackle too much more. I can think of 8 things that I started recently that I still have yet to finish. I've gotta have a serious talk with myself!! LOL!
Hope you all have a super day and stay warm! Thanks for all the comments. Keep 'em coming.
'til next time,
Happy stitching!


  1. What a lovely stitching and finish!:)

  2. That is a lovely start Sharlotte :-)
    Such pretty flowers and right in time for spring too x

  3. I love stitching the SB needlerolls! Great start on this one, hope you enjoy it. BTW, love the bourse and painted sheep in your previous posts!

  4. "It's a journey"? I'm making myself keep my WiPs posted in my sidebar so that I *have* to "walk" past them all the time. Otherwise I've devised a new storage system that's in the closet, so they wouldn't exist if I didn't!

    I think your start is lovely; I've never made a needle roll before.

  5. That is one lovely needle roll. Look forward to a finish.
    I have set myself a goal of working exclusively on my big started pieces this year.No new starts other than the few exchanges I am doing this year. I do not want to have all my UFO's end up in some yard sale for someone like Edgar to find LOL.

  6. It's lovely! I've never tried a needleroll before!

  7. Very nice start! You will have it finished in no time. :)

  8. Thx for your comments Sharlotte! The trip went well! Your needleroll is going to be so pretty-I love your start on it already!

  9. So pretty, Sharlotte! I hope your eyes feel better very soon :)

  10. Such a lovely start. Those SB needlerolls are all so beautiful.


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